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Op RESCRIPT ~ V-QRF Personnel Undertake Training

Able Seaman Stone (right) and Corporal Rich Barnes (left) practice the vaccination procedure, under the supervision of an NHS Staff Nurse [Crown Copyright: Cpl Ben Beckett]

Last week MACA personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force assigned to the V-QRF undertook training and validation from NHS in Bristol.


UK MoD News Release, 13 January 2021: Military personnel from the Royal Navy and RAF have been undertaking training from the NHS at Ashton Gate Football Ground in Bristol [8th January] in order to validate them as a Vaccines Quick Reaction Force (V-QRF) in support of NHS in the South West of England.

The V-QRF will be rolled out nationally and is made up of medically trained personnel who will vaccinate people on a needs basis. This means personnel will be engaged only when required and requested by the NHS in a ‘surge’ capacity.

The V-QRFs are made up of 21 teams, three to each of the seven NHS regions. Each region is to be given a Medical Support Officer (MSO) who will manage three six-person teams and will link into their regional Joint Military Command (JMC).

The Medics underwent familiarisation of the patient pathway, working areas and undertook vaccination procedures on dummy arms.

An NHS Staff Nurse (centre-left) shows Royal Navy personnel the procedure for delivering the vaccination [Crown Copyright: Cpl Ben Beckett]
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