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Op TORAL – More UK Troops To Afghanistan

Reports are surfacing on mainstream media this morning that Britain is about to commit 440 more military personnel to Afghanistan, bringing the total number deployed on Operation TORAL to 1,090.


In addition to British Army personnel, including elements of an infantry battalion serving with the British-led Kabul Security Force (KSF) at Kabul, the Royal Air Force also has a Puma helicopter detachment deployed on Op TORAL. The BBC is reporting that at least half of the additional troops – which it has dubbed Armoured Uber as they say their “primary role is to transport international advisers safely around the capital” – will be provided by the Welsh Guards and will deploy next month.

Footnote: As of 09:00 today no formal confirmation of this had yet appeared on the official Ministry of Defence Announcements page.

A 2 YORKS sniper team from the Kabul Security Force providing overwatch security for the Afghan National Army Officer Academy, 23 Nov 2017 [Crown Copright/OGL: Lt Col Humphris MBE]

RAF Puma supporting KSF delivers senior officers on an assurance visit with Afghan National Army soldiers at City Gate Sang-E-Nawishta in Kabul, 30 May 2018 [NATO photo: Capt. Leanna Litsch]




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