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Spanish NETON 4×4 Special Operations Vehicles Delivered

EINSA NETON 4x4 at FEINDEF in Madrid, October 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

The Spanish Ministry of Defence army logistic support command has received 24 EINSA NETON 4×4 light Special Operations Vehicles.


On 14th December 2021 the Spanish Ministry of Defence (Ministerio de Defensa) announced receipt of 24 NETON 4×4 Special Operations Vehicles, manufactured by EINSA (Equipos Industriales de Manutención S.A.) of Alcalá de Henares near Madrid.

A total of 24 NETON SOVs was ordered in 2020 at a cost of 4.8 million Euros [© Spanish Ministry of Defence]

Based on a Toyota 4×4 chassis with a tubular frame open upper body, the NETON is powered by a 152kW / 204Hp diesel engine through a six-speed automatic gearbox giving a top road speed around 160km/hr or 100mph. According to the manufacturer the vehicle, which utilises COTS (Commercial Off-The Shelf) driveline and mechanical components, has kerb weight of approximately 2,400kg and can carry slightly over 1,000kg payload.

EINSA NETON prototype at FEINDEF 2019 [© Bob Morrison]

From images released yesterday by the Spanish MoD it appears that their version of the NETON has seating for four, with a central weapons ring mount and secondary commander’s pintle mount, but EINSA also offer a nine-seat (2+3+4) configuration. It is air-transportable by C-130, C-295 and A400M military aircraft and two could be carried inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, though one is more likely.

[© Spanish Ministry of Defence]
[© Spanish Ministry of Defence]


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