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US Army Special Operations MH-47G Chinook Helicopters

Library image from 2017 of an earlier model CH-47 Chinook landing to pick up US and Lithuanian Special Operations personnel in the Suwalki Gap near the Lithuanian / Polish / Belarusian border [© Bob Morrison]

Boeing is to deliver six additional MH-47G Block II Chinook Helicopters to US Army Special Operations in a $246.48 million contract.


Press Release, Philadelphia, 24 November 2021: Boeing will build six more MH-47G Block II Chinooks for the US Army Special Operations Aviation Command as part of a $246.48 million contract.

Delivery of these aircraft are scheduled to start in 2023. With this additional order, Boeing is now under contract for 30 MH-47G Block II Chinooks, four of which have been delivered to date. These aircraft will be the first to include the new Active Parallel Actuator Subsystem (APAS), a mission system that helps pilots execute more difficult manoeuvres while improving safety and reliability of flight.

“APAS is one of many next-level capabilities that allows the Chinook to deliver more payload – faster, farther and smarter,” said Andy Builta, Boeing vice president and H-47 programme manager.

The MH-47G Block II Chinook also features improved structure and weight reduction initiatives like new lighter weight fuel pods that increase performance and efficiency.


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