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New Vehicles For Bundeswehr Special Forces

The new vehicles of the Bundeswehr build on an existing basic vehicle and are adapted to the needs of the German Armed Forces by the contracting specialist company [image © Polaris via Bundeswehr]

Our Senior Correspondent Carl Schulze has spotted this late 2020 announcement about new [MRZR] vehicles for the Bundeswehr Special Forces.


Bundeswehr Press Release 22/2020, Koblenz: [auto-translated] Special Units of the Bundeswehr will receive new vehicles, the so-called Leichte Luftlandefähige Utility Terrain Vehicles (LL UTV). The responsible Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use (BAAINBw) has concluded a corresponding contract with a specialist company.

“In the first step, we commissioned the construction of 65 vehicles. A total of 148 can be accessed via the contract, ”reports Lieutenant Colonel Michael Bischof project manager. “Delivery to the troops is planned for next year.” In addition to the construction of the vehicles, the accessories and the training of the staff were also commissioned. The vehicles are fast, all-terrain and all-wheel drive. Up to four soldiers and their equipment can be transported in it, and materials can also be transported. “We are closing a skill gap within the Bundeswehr,” said Bischof.


Editor’s Comment: It appears that the new German Special Forces LL UTV will be a version of the Polaris Defense MRZR.

Library image of US Army Special Forces using a Polaris MRZR in Poland during a multinational Special Forces training event in 2016 [©Bob Morrison]
US Special Tactics Operators from UK-based 352d SOW load an MRZR onto a Swedish C-130H for a mission with Swedish Special Forces during BALTIC UNITY, November 2020 [US Army: Sgt Patrik Orcutt]
The current Geländewagen-based AGF Serval reconnaissance and combat vehicle used by Germany’s KSK
[© Carl Schulze]

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