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A locally sourced SUV, speedily fitted with a SatComs suite, heads off on patrol [©BM]
This morning Operation BEYOND THE HORIZON commences at a secret location in Central Spain, sponsored by Inmarsat and partners Satlink, writes Bob Morrison.


At the rural location, well away from prying eyes, under realistic operational conditions Inmarsat and Satlink plus five other technology partners intend to demonstrate five different scenarios involving mobile SatCom solutions for Special Forces, Special Operations Forces and other Government Security Agencies.

The demo is taking place hundreds of km from the sea over poor terrain for radio comms [©BM]

Today a simulated Tactical Headquarters and a simulated Forward Operating Base were set up in rural locations, out of Direct Line Of Sight of each other, and lightweight satellite communications were brought forward to allow personnel on foot, in vehicles, offshore and in a distant country to communicate both with each other and HQ, as well as to securely receive and retransmit real-time intelligence from both small drones and larger unmanned vehicles in addition to monitoring ground sensors protecting the FOB. Naturally much of today’s programme is quite sensitive, as are many of the visitors to Op BEYOND THE HORIZON – Iberia, but once we have obtained the necessary clearances we hope to be able to brief JOINT-FORCES readers on at least some of the day’s activities when the dust dies down.

Watch this space.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Lightweight SatCom dishes outside the TAC HQ [©BM]
Comms equipment and solar panels outside the FOB [©BM]

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