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Statement from CEO and Co-Founder of PLD Space

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Statement on the halted takeoff of the PLD Space MIURA 1 SN1 Test Flight mission rescheduled for earlier this morning at El Arenosillo, Spain.


Press Release, Huelva, 17 June 2023: [auto-translated] The MIURA 1 SN1 Test Flight mission of PLD Space, scheduled this morning at the INTA facilities in El Arenosillo (Huelva), has been developed this morning, satisfactorily complying with all the auto-sequence protocols without actually performing the launch due to not all avionics bay umbilicals being released. This has generated a security sequence that has halted the takeoff.

Raúl Torres, CEO and co-founder of PLD Space, has stated: “Having been able to complete all the procedures and reach the auto-sequence phase in time, engine start and nominal thrust is a success. 99.9% of all the processes have been a success. Launching a rocket is very difficult, but we are getting closer. We will try again.”

Both the launch pad and the rocket are in perfect condition, as well as the payload. In the coming days, an exhaustive analysis will be carried out to determine the causes that have prevented the completion of the mission.


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