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JP9102 ~ Optus Primes With Raytheon Australia And Thales Australia

[image via Thales Australia]

Optus primes with Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia for an All-Australian defence programme tender to bid on JP9102 Communications.


Press Release, New South Wales, 23 August 2021: Optus, Australia’s largest and most experienced satellite owner and operator will lead a joint bid with Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia for the JP9102 Australia Defence Communication System programme – delivering the next generation of satellite technology to the Australian Defence Force.

Commenting on the bid, Optus Chief Executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said, “As sector pioneers and the leading investor in the Australian space industry, our solution will leverage our long track record of delivering for Australia’s Defence agencies, supporting Australian industry capabilities, and our unwavering commitment to deliver a sovereign solution that enhances Australia’s security.”

“The bid team, Team AUSSAT, has a unique proposition being the only team with an unrivalled history of owning and operating satellites in Australia, by Australians, for Australians – drawing synergies from two partner companies with their exceptional pedigrees in building and delivering world-class Defence capabilities.”

Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward said the company was ready to draw on decades of expertise in delivering certified and integrated space systems. “Raytheon Australia has been delivering certified sovereign space solutions and complex system integration to the Australian Defence Force for decades, partnering with them and local industry to unlock the full potential of satellite data.

“We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Optus and Thales Australia to provide a next-generation satellite technology solution, and we look forward to offering our global space surveillance and operation capabilities to the Australian Government through this important partnership.”

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said the team of Optus, Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia would deliver a genuine sovereign Australian capability with the global reach to access world leading space technology from Europe and the USA. “Thales Australia has been a trusted partner of the ADF for more than three decades, delivering advanced secure communication solutions, and we’re proud to partner with Optus and Raytheon Australia on this project.”

Ms Kelly Bayer Rosmarin added the bid provides a unique opportunity to grow Australian skills in a high-tech sector. “Through Team AUSSAT’s bid, we will bring the best solution, capabilities and experience for the benefit of Australia, and the safety and security of all Australians.

“We also have a unique opportunity to position Australia as a global leader in the space industry by growing our capabilities in STEM, leveraging Optus’ existing partnerships with local universities and providing opportunities for graduates to transition into the sector.”

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