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ALTBERG Pathfinder Trek Approach Shoes

For those who know the ALTBERG brand, and for sure many JOINT-FORCES.com readers will, this shoe is something a bit different, not being a full-on boot, writes Mike Gormley.


Although not a boot, this is not to say that the Pathfinder Trek is not a proper ALTBERG. This is an aptly named and very nice item of footwear, and with it carries the pedigree that the family-owned and family-run Yorksire company have built up over their many years in the business. That said, now I have to admit to being just a little bit grumpy over this review.


Pathfinder Treks have very good toe protection for when the going gets a bit more rugged [© MG]

My genes dictate I have large feet (UK13 or EU48) and the Pathfinder’s stop at 47/12½ so, although I am able to wear these enough to try them, they are just a little too tight to wear for the long days on the hill or on travels that these shoes are made for. However past, and quite extensive, experience of Alt-Berg and the time I have been able to spend in these give me full confidence in recommending them.


I think these approach shoes look really nice, which makes them a great all-rounder for days out, and for trips to the pub, as well as for travel days and out on paths and tracks. An ideal choice if you are heading away and need to travel light. Great all round, so long as the terrain is not likely to be too aggressive where more ankle support may be needed.


In appropriate setting on sunny Dartmoor – the Pathfinders are ideal for dry days on tracks and on the Tors [© MG]

I like the VIBRAM sole design of these – not too aggressive and, for the amount I have used them, it seems well up to the designed task. I just hope ALTBERG will add some larger sizes to the Pathfinder Trek model so those of us ‘carthorses’ out here can make full use of them. If this happens, I will let you know by updating this page.


The Pathfinder Trek can be purchased online from the Walking Boots section of the company website or over the counter at the ALTBERG Factory Shop in Richmond in Yorkshire.

{images © Mike Gormley}

These are very well constructed approach shoes from a company we more associate with full-on police and military boots [© MG]

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