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Mil-Comm Advanced Weapons Lubricants

As any competent shooter knows, your choice of gun lubricants is as important as ammunition if you want to ensure top performance and safety from your firearm.


In 20+ years of professional shooting in the gun industry I have seen some gun cleaning horrors ranging from weapons which have never been cleaned (even to the point where the bolt will not move) to those which have been diligently scrubbed with odd materials such as paraffin and WD40.


Image © Richard Brown

Professional units, however, have been using one cleaning material for years, MIL-COMM, which is now available to the UK gun trade and Government agencies as well as overseas clients. Indeed, since its recent export Mil-Comm has become the mandatory firearms lubrication for all UK Police Forces to for use with their Glocks, SIGs and other weapons. SIG SAUER have also been issuing Mil-Comm sachets with new weapons for years.


The unique property of Mil-Comm weapons lubrication is that it actually penetrates into the metal of the moving parts and acts on a slow release principle, keeping the gun clean and cool for longer.


Existing US end-users for Mil-Comm make an impressive reading list: FBI, Secret Service, Special Forces, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. They are also the largest provider of speciality weapons lubricants to Tier 1 defence forces in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Republic of China, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.


Image © Richard Brown

Mil-Comm offer a wide range of oil and grease for extreme performance in weapons, from the legendary TW25B grease to simple gun oils and barrel cleaners. The good news for UK shooters too is that Mil-Comm grease is also certified for airguns, CO2 guns and even airsoft – I have been running the grease in a SIG .177 CO2 GBB P250 for many weeks and performance is excellent.


If any more substance to Mil-Comm performance was required, it is worth noting that they make the only oil certified for the Dillion Minigun….


Find out more about Mil-Comm in the UK from secondskintactical AT aim DOT com

¤ Richard Brown is a UK-based independent small arms technical consultant and operator trainer.

Image © Richard Brown

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