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FR77 ~ Portuguese MARINHA Ração Individual de Combate

Library image of a Portuguese Navy Marine or Fuzileiro [© Bob Morrison]

This Marinha Portuguesa (Portuguese Navy) 24-hour Ração Individual de Combate or Individual Combat Ration was supplied by Albisabores, writes Bob Morrison.


Portuguese sailors seldom have a requirement for combat rations packs, as of course almost every naval ship has a galley, but the Portuguese Marine Corps (Corpo de Fuzileiros) branch of the navy is essentially no different in role from any other elite NATO Marine / Commando formation and so does have such a requirement when deployed ashore on exercises or operations. I therefore tend to think of the Marinha RIC as being a Marine ration pack; the Portuguese Army (Exército Português) has a very similar bagged ration pack.

Unopened Marinha Portuguesa bagged 24-hour Ração Individual de Combate or Individual Combat Ration, supplied by Albisabores [©BM]
Loose contents of Marinha Ração Individual de Combate, Standard Menu No.3 [©BM]

Weighing 2150g, this Albisabores version of the Marinha Ração Individual de Combate (RIC) was contained in a tough opaque plastic outer bag with a faint two-tone olive drab camouflage pattern effect. According to the nutritional information printed on the reverse beneath the contents list, the edible contents of this this Normal Menu No. 3 pack should provide 3233 kcal of energy. Incidentally, printing on the bag was in Portuguese only and although there was a Lot Number there was no Expiry Date on the pack, so this might be an evaluation sample rather than an issue pack; constituent components did, however, have at least a year to run before expiry.

Two 350g main meal retort pouches marked as Oriental Chicken and Lamb with Vegetables, both branded Sabor Lusitano [©BM]
Tinned Mackerel and Tuna, tinned nuts, dehydrated fruit, apple juice carton and chocolate bar [©BM]
Savoury (Salted) Biscuits, 4x Sweet Biscuits and 2x Plum Jam [©BM]
Salt, AquaTabs, Coffee Powder, Sugar, Isotonic Drink Powders, Cough Sweets and Chewing Gum [©BM]
Wet wipes, pack of tissues, Knife / Fork / Spoon and accompanying serviette [©BM]

Breakfast contents are listed as: 2x (20g) Instant Coffee; 1x Sweet Biscuits (listed as 150g but actually 4x 30g); and 2x (20g) Fruit Jam. Lunch contents were: 1x (120g) Tuna in Vegetable Oil; 1x (350g) Lamb with Vegetables; and 1x (50g) Dehydrated Fruit. Dinner contents were 1x (120g) Mackerel in Oil; and 1x (350g) Oriental Chicken. Other Edible Contents were listed as: 1x (125g) Salted Biscuits; 1x (20g) Chocolate Bar; 2x (8g) Sugar; 1x (200ml) Fruit Juice; 1x (50g) Cocktail Nuts; Powdered Isotonic Drink(1x 20g but actually 4x 5g); 1x (1g) Salt; 2x Chewing Gum; 4x Pectoral (i.e. Cough) Sweets. Non-edible contents were: 4x Water Purifying Tablet; 1 pack of Paper Napkins (Tissues); 1x set of Disposable Cutlery (i.e. knife / fork / spoon); 1x Plastic Garbage Bag; 4x Chemical Heater Packs; 2x Individual Wet Wipes; and 1x Information Note (not included, but printed on reverse of pack).

The Beef with Vegetables (Borrego com Vegetais) was very much to my liking, but I have a soft spot for meaty Mediterranean stews with chickpeas [©BM]
I suspect the Oriental Chicken (Frango Oriental) pouch was mislabelled, as the meat looked and tasted more like beef, but the dish was tasty enough so not really an issue [©BM]
Biscuits, biscuits and even more biscuits….. but only two tubs of plum jam to go with them ~ sweet on the left and savoury on the right [©BM]
The Cocktail Nuts (Frutos Secos) and the dehydrated fruit were both top quality and I could snack on these all day long [©BM]

As is obvious from the photos, almost all of the edible components are commercial brands of either Portuguese or Spanish origin, and there are similarities with the contents of the Angolan 24-Hour Ração de Alimentos from the same supplier; however the main meal courses are in retort pouches rather than cans. Sabor Lusitano, which translates as ‘Flavour of Lusitania’, is a Portuguese brand name used by Albisabores for the last decade. The only thing I found a little unusual with this pack is that four Flameless Ration Heaters, with Albisabores branding, are included even though there are only two meals and there are no beverage bags for heating water for the coffee.

Four Flameless Ration Heaters, with Albisabores branding, were enclosed ~ there is no indication of country of origin or whether they are magnesium or aluminium type, but I suspect the latter [©BM]

¤ For my next article in this Field Rations series I plan to open a recently acquired Canadian Individual Meal Pack, as issued to troops deployed in Estonia on KEVADTORM 2023, but before that I have some individual updates / reviews to pen on Dutch, French, Norwegian and British freeze-dried and dehydrated meal pouch samples picked up at recent expos & exhibitions. 🙂

[images © Bob Morrison]


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