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IDEX 2023 Camo Quiz ~ Just To Pass Some Time

Interesting in-service camo patterns spotted at IDEX 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

There are some interesting arid / desert theatre camo pattern uniforms being worn by IDEX 2023 attendees in Abu Dhabi this week, writes Bob Morrison.


Spotted at IDEX 2023 ~ Pattern 1 [© Bob Morrison]

That pesky pandemic prevented me visiting Abu Dhabi to cover the IDEX & NAVDEX shows in 2021, so there has been a lot of catching up this week and just not enough hours in the day for everything I need to do, hence the reason for the slight drop-off in postings over the last few of days. However realising that some of our camouflage aficionado readers will be champing at the bit to see something new and unusual from the show, here are photos of four interesting and slightly unusual arid / desert theatre patterns spotted in The Emirates over the last couple of days.

Spotted at IDEX 2023 ~ Pattern 2 [© Bob Morrison]

If you are one of the regular Kit & Camo section readers, why not try to guess which countries these four patterns come from. The shots are of the back panel of combat shirts / jackets worn by serving officers and NCOs at IDEX this week. Note they were not photographed under identical lighting conditions, as the wearers were spotted both indoors and outdoors; I will elaborate on this when I pen a slightly longer article. Unfortunately, I have not been able to shoot walk-round sequences of soldiers wearing these uniforms, but all wearers stopped briefly to allow me to take the photos and none are ‘sneak’ shots.

Spotted at IDEX 2023 ~ Pattern 3 [© Bob Morrison]

More next week (insha’Allah, as they say out here) as I am now starting out on my long split return journey from the Gulf using a budget airline to help keep the costs down and ensure there are enough pennies in the piggybank to let me cover another specialist defence expo next month.

Spotted at IDEX 2023 ~ Pattern 4 [© Bob Morrison]

¤ There’s no prize for guessing all four correctly but, if you want to try to be the first, why not post you answers over on our Facebook page? I wonder how long it will take after this goes live around noon UK time on Friday 24th (coincidentally, the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine but there are no Russian patterns on his particular page).


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