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M-1965 Camouflage Conundrum ~ Can You Help?

This four-colour camouflage pattern has puzzled us although we have worked out which print rollers from another design appear to have been used [©Bob Morrison]
At J-F we have a reasonable knowledge of military camo patterns but this 4-colour M1965 Field Jacket is posing a bit of a camouflage conundrum, writes Bob Morrison.


A camo collector magpie friend recently sent us this US-style M-1965 Field Jacket for our opinion on its unusual camo pattern as it had him stumped, but despite spending a lot of time checking all my reference sources over the festive period and asking advice of both others on our team and military friends with experience in this field, I am really not a lot further forward in identifying it. So before I write up a Kit & Camo article on the combat jacket itself, which is good example of the now classic design which originated during the Vietnam War and soldiered on for over four decades in US service in various colours and camo patterns, I am appealing for any firm information (not guesses) on this strange camouflage. Labels are virtually non-existent, so no real clues there, and there are no manufacturer’s markings on zips or buttons to point us in the right direction though the concealed snap fasteners (fly front and pocket flaps) appear to be a Chinese brand. All in all, this one is a bit of a camo conundrum.

If you have any firm ideas, please contact us through our Twitter (JointForcesNews) or Facebook (JointForcesMedia) profiles. Thanks in anticipation.

The tailoring follows classic US M-1965 Field Jacket design and it has both a removable liner and concealed hood, but the minimalist labels (at back of neck) hold no clues [©Bob Morrison]
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