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Stanley Ice Flow Fast Flow Bottle

Jean taking a cool drink from the Stanley Ice Flow Fast Flow Bottle during a bike ride up the Exeter Canal [©Mike Gormley]

When the going gets warm, cool off with some ice-cold drink from your Stanley Ice Flow 600ml Fast Flow Bottle.


In the northern hemisphere and here in UK we are, finally, heading into summer and warmer weather. Not today as I write this, but we live in hope and with this it is good to have a nice cool drink readily to hand.

The Ice Flow Fast Flow Bottle from Stanley when new [© MG]

Stanley have been producing their well-known range of drinking vessels for very many years. The Ice Flow is clearly aimed at those who like to have a cold one. This may be on the desk at work or when out partaking in your favoured activities.

The Ice Flow fits neatly onto a standard bike bracket for a cool drink on the go – note carry handle folded into the flask [© MG]

The Ice Flow is designed to be compatible with the range of drink vessel holders on sports equipment and vehicles and is also shaped to make it handy and secure to hold with blended in depressions. The cap is screw-on and has an easy to use screw-on top onto which is another easy use angled screw cap to enable the user to drink from the bottle. Both have a coarse thread, so a quick twist has it open. They also have good and secure seals to make sure they are leak-free. So far so good. All these also, and importantly, allow for everything to be easy to clean after use.

Simple enough ~ put in water from the fridge, add some ice (note large opening with main cap removed) and add your favourite drink flavouring and energy booster to be ready to go [© MG]

The main cap has a robust folding handle with incorporated cap keeper to retain and keep safe the drinking spout cap. Primary features are a large main opening to allow for ice cubes to be put in and a smaller, but also quite large, opening to allow for free flow drinking. Great when thirsty and in a hurry.

My turn for a cooling drink from the Ice Flow Fast Flow Bottle [© JG]

Of note, this flask is made from 90 % recycled aerolight stainless steel. This one is Azure Blue and there is a range of colours, including more tactical Black, to suit all needs. Capacity is 0.6 litres.

The Ice Flow Fast Flow is well-suited to work time hydration as well as when out being active [© MG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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