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Vango Cuisine 1L Collapsible Non-Stick Pot

Out on Dartmoor the Vango Collapsible Non-Stick Pot was ideal for heating then eating my lunch and being non-stick was very easy to clean and pack away [© Mike Gormley]

A saucepan that folds flat like this Vango Cuisine 1L Collapsible Non-Stick Pot just has to be a good idea for travellers, writes Mike Gormley.


I first saw this folding pot on the Vango stand at the Outdoor Trade Show and it caught my eye as being a handy item of gear for the travelling folk, like many reading this review will be. I was right!

Vango Collapsible Non-Stick Pot folded down to just 180x60mm packed size [©MG]
The central section folds to reduce the pot to around one third of its size [©MG]

Making cunning use of modern materials and manufacturing methods, Vango bring together stainless steel and silicone to form a pan that is both robust and useable at home as well as when camping. I have used it on my camp stove when out an my travels, as well as on the induction stove at home, and when in transit or for storage you simply squash it flat and fold the handle over the top. All very neat.

This Collapsible Non-Stick Pot from Vango has a glass top and a folding heat-resistant handle [©MG]

At 0.545kg (1lb3oz in ‘old money’) this one is possibly a bit heavy for a backpacking pan, but for any other travelling and camping trip which is vehicle, boat, or canoe based it is ideal. Pack size is 180x180x60mm and capacity is one litre.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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