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Fanning Baja Sandals from Reef

A closer look at the Reef Fanning Baja sandals in their environment [© Jean Gormley]

These Fanning Baja Sandals from Reef are light and agile on warmer days of travelling and good for trips out walking, writes Mike Gormley.


I took these Reef Fanning Baja sandals away on a mixed trip away where light travel luggage weight was important. We had some very variable conditions, from quite mild through to cool and wet, so these worked out well to keep in my kit for those warmer days when we would be out and about.

Fanning Baja Sandal [© Reef]

These are fairly stiff for sandals, which makes them supportive when the going is a bit tricky such as walking around on rocky terrain. The tread is non-aggressive but quite soft and grippy and so does not collect ‘stuff’, which is a good thing. The strapping system is quite simple and easy to adjust, with hook and loop on both front and main straps. They are well padded on the inside, as is the heel strap. The heel has a built-in shock absorber – a see-through one just to be different. This seems to be a lot more robust than it might look at first and gives added cushioning for the heel.

The contact area has a mildly textured finish to aid foot to sandal grip ~ note also the easy to adjust straps [©MG]
The non-aggressive sole of the Baja works ~ note also the moulded-in bottle opener [©MG]

With these sandals you even get a built-in bottle opener so when its warm and someone forgot to bring one you have two; neatly stowed on the soles of your sandals. Perhaps a small thing but surely a nice to have in the hour of need and a great way to make and impress friends; or perhaps a way to make new ones?

The built-in bottle opener might seem like a gimmick but it does work and may just come in handy [©MG]
The heel has an in-built shock absorber which also gives these Baja sandals a different look [©MG]

The Fanning Baja style is available in Brown as well as the Black as tested here. No worries with these as spring is on its way!

Out walking along the Bow river near Banff in Alberta ~ these sandals were at home on the rocky river edge as well as when walking along paths and around town while in Canada [©JG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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