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Klean Kanteen Rise Lowball Tumblers

The Rise Lowball works perfectly for the hot mulled wine both inside and outside protecting the hand and keeping the wine pleasantly warm [© Mike Gormley]

The Klean Kanteen Rise Lowball Tumbler is an insulated mug which has a multitude of uses both at home and away, writes Mike Gormley.


Small, but perfectly formed, one might say about these 280ml insulated tumbler mugs which fit well into your hand while sipping your beverage.

The Lowball Tumblers make for a very pleasant to use mug without the lid but the easy to fit flip-top lid also works well [©MG]

Initially these Rise Lowball Tumblers did not seem to be all that appropriate for the sort of gear I usually review here, but since I have had them I find they fit into many scenarios very well. Made from 18/8 recycled stainless steel, these dual-walled insulated mugs find many uses both out in the great outdoors as well as around the home.

Using the Klean Kanteen flask we can all have a warm drink, while also keeping the sand out on a breezy day, when strolling on the beach [©MG]

Although these have a clip-shut flip lid they are not, and were not designed to be, secure enough to put inside your pack when they contain liquid. However they are perfectly good to carry about for a while when you need to prevent your warm, or cool, drink from splashing out. They do, however, work as a conventional mug to take away in your pack because they are not particularly heavy and easy to pack into a rucksack for camp use.

Viewed from the top with one flip lid open and one closed ~ this is easy to do and keeps warmth in and foreign objects out ~ the top seals well but is not leak-proof [©MG]

These also work well as a desktop mug for that morning brew, keeping it warm much longer than a normal mug or cup, as well as allowing you to go ‘walkabout’ without the danger of spilling contents. But as we are outdoor folk, this is when these really come into their own in many ways. I often am in a position where there are a few of us in need of a warm drink. The Lowball Tumblers work perfectly if you are handing out drinks, hot or cold, to others when out and about. They also make great party mugs for the likes of a BBQ or party in the garden. They don’t break, so gone are the days of broken glass around the house or, more importantly, on the patio outside; these are a bit of a must if you have a hot tub or pool and also perfect if you have kids about.

As the tumblers are not ideal for carrying a hot brew a long way we use the Klean Kanteen flask for transport and share the drinks around in the Lowballs [©MG]

At this time of year, when a hot toddy or glühwein can be a frequent tipple, these are just right. For two reasons; first they keep the drink warm longer and secondly a hot glühwein in a glass tumbler is not hand compatible. The Lowball sorts out both of these issues in a oner. I could go on here, but really it is just down to the imagination of the user as to the potential applications where these will be perfect when a full-on insulated drinks mug is not required.

The Lowball Tumblers are a good size and shape to hold and are pleasant to drink from [©MG]

The two tumblers I have featured here are in Blue (Stellar) and Green (Sea Spray) but there are other colours in the range, including the rather sophisticated looking Limited Edition Black and Gold.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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