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Trekmates Borneo Hat

The Trekmates Borneo Hat with midge / mosquito net fitted [© Jean Gormley]

The well-named Borneo Hat from Trekmates offers protection against flying insects in addition to being a traditional wide-brimmed hat, writes Mike Gormley.


There are lots of wide-brimmed hats out there on the market but this one is different. It is generally a good fitting broad brimmed hat to protect the wearer from the sun and rain but, interestingly, it also has an integrated mosquito net.

Top view of the aptly named Borneo Hat from Trekmates [©MG]

On the face of it this is an ordinary style bush hat but stowed away in the crown in its own pocket is a fine mesh anti-bug net. When required, this is taken out of the internal pocket and fitted over the entire hat and the wearers head with a drawcord to tighten up around the neck to keep those nasty biters out. The outer material and net are also treated with Deet-based midge and mosquito repellent.

Underside of the Borneo showing the darker rim, stowed net in pocket, and removable adjustable chin strap [©MG]

Various features help to make this a well-sorted item of headwear in particular for hotter climates and where insects may be a nuisance: The material has a UV protection rating of UPF 40+; the wide brim has a darker inner to ease the eyes from reflection; the 7cm brim is also reasonably stiff to help keep shape, especially with the mosi net fitted; the headband is adjustable to ensure a good fit; and there is a removable and adjustable chin cord. The Borneo, available in three colours and two sizes, also has metal fine mesh vents for the main hat section to give some airflow to the head.

The Borneo Hat offers good sun protection when out and about [©JG]
The sizing of the Borneo is easy to adjust with a fitted drawcord in the brim [©JG]

I can definitely think of many past trips out where I would have been very pleased to have had this hat.

The anti-bug net is a decent length to allow full head movement while keeping nasties out [© Trekmates]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley unless noted]


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