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Contigo FreeFlow AUTOSEAL 1L Water Bottle

The full litre capacity of the Contigo FreeFlow AUTOSEAL 1L Water Bottle really comes into its own when you have a big thirst on, at work or at play [©JG]

The Contigo FreeFlow AUTOSEAL 1L Water Bottle has some very good features for the outdoors person, writes Mike Gormley.


I have had, and quite regularly used, a Contigo hot drink flask for many years. Now well-battered it still serves me well, so it was good to reconnect with this brand at this years OTS (Outdoor Trade Show) event.

The Contigo FreeFlow AUTOSEAL 1L Water Bottle as you would see it on the shelf [©MG]

Following on from our recent meeting at the annual Liverpool show, I have been given a number of the latest Contigo products to review and begin here with their FreeFlow AUTOSEAL water bottle which is produced from Eastman TRITAN plastic. This is one of their Premium Outdoor Bottles range and is the fourth model at time of writing. I find it to be a good one as it is a one litre capacity drink bottle; larger than many such drink bottles but often if you are out for a while and ‘busy’, a full litre is really good to have to hand. With this feature in mind my wife, Jean, used it for a recent quite arduous charity coastal walk and was pleased to have that extra capacity.

I find the foldaway top handle to be a very handy feature [©MG]

The version I have is a clear BPA free plastic, with a charcoal grey top and slight smoky tint, so it is easy to see how much water you have left. It is very robust so I am sure it will stand up to a lot of the knocks of outdoor life. It is not designed to spend its life on the desk, but for sure will be quite at home there as well. The AUTOSEAL top cap is well thought out, being self-sealing, and you have to press the large size, easy to operate, button to open the drink valve. If you should let go and drop it, it will immediately reseal so to save your valued drink. This press button can be locked off for added security when tucked away in your pack.

Note here the fold-down carry loop, flip-up spout cover, and locking button with red marker [©MG]

There is a handy folding loop handle to carry the bottle by or make it easier to pull out of your pack. This neatly clips away into the cap to keep it out of the way. The drink spout has a clip-over cover which is easily unclipped with a thumb for single-handed use of the bottle. Definitely a good feature to keep the mud and dust out of the important bit. All in all, this is a well thought-out drinks bottle.

Topping up the Contigo with my favourite drink additive while out on the kayak [©MG]
Holding a full litre this bottle can be a bit of a squeeze into some bottle holders but mostly it works fine [©MG]
Being a full one-litre bottle it only just fits my Land Rover drinks holder… but it does [©MG]

[images © Mike or Jean Gormley]


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