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Trekmates Merino Touch Gloves

Merino Touch Gloves from Trekmates are simple but effective [© Mike Gormley]

Trekmates Merino Touch Gloves are seamless construction lightweight liner gloves which can be worn alone in milder conditions, writes Mike Gormley.


One the face of it these appear to be very simple gloves. Look a bit deeper though and we find these are made from seamless 100% Merino wool and also have the ability to be used on touchscreens, so straight away they begin to stand out.

You have to look closely to see the touch sensitive finger tips ~ notice also the long wrist coverage [© MG]

Most will know that Merino wool has great properties; Merino is durable, warm if wet, and significantly resistant to odour so great if you are away for a while. These gloves are designed to be either liners to mitts or gloves in more aggressive conditions, or as standalone hand protection on better days in town or out and about. The design of them is seamless, apart from the contact area above the wrist, which makes them a snug and secure fit.

Simple but very effective, especially if one needs to use a touchscreen phone or navigation device while still keeping the hands warm. They are produced in four sizes.

Merino Touch Glove [© Trekmates]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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