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Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete Mealtime Set

The stacking set opened up to show the entire contents of the Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete [© MG]

Wildo produce the Camp-A-Box Complete light, stacking mealtime set with the only things missing being the stove and perhaps the kitchen sink, writes Mike Gormley.


Wildo are the original creators of this light and stacking mealtime set; the only thing missing in this ‘personal kitchen’ are the stove and perhaps the sink… but who needs a sink when you are in the boonies?

When I am told an item of outdoor kit is designed in Scandinavia, I generally just know it will be well thought out by those who know how to design. In this case the kit is from Sweden and, like others up in that part of the world, the Swedes are mostly by default ‘outdoorsmen’. Added to this, the Wildo company was formed by ex-military personnel so clearly the experience is there.

Fruit muesli and milky coffee for breakfast in the larger Wildo rectangular bowl and larger of the two collapsible cups [© MG]

So, the Camp-A-Box Complete is lightweight, multi-functional and very robust. It provides the user with most items they will need to store and carry, to prepare, and to eat from / off, as well as to drink from on an outdoors excursion. Alongside that it is great for kids for school and day trips as well as those of us who take a bit more than a sandwich to the office. About all you can’t use this kit for is to cook in it or use it on a stove. Even your condiments and spices are catered for.

All packed away ~ this is a very neat way to stow all you need for eating and drinking within a set that will fit inside a medium utility pouch or stow easily in your daysack [© MG]

My set is in military olive green, but it also comes in other colours if you fancy a change. If you don’t need the full set all these components ~ two rectangular bowls, a Fold-A-Cup Big, a small Fold-A-Cup, a chopping board / drainer, a spork and a three-compartment shaker ~ are available as individual items.

Steak Vegetables and Dumplings plus Biscuits Brown from a 2021 UK ORP served in the two main stacking bowls from a WILDO Camp-A-Box Complete set [© BM]

Our editor, Bob, has been a long term user of the Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete, often carrying it when on assignments as well as using it when photographing ration pack components. You can read his initial thoughts here:- CAMP-A-BOX COMPLETE ~ From WILDO Of Sweden.

A 300g can of baked beans with smoked sausage and pork from a Polish 24-hour IRZ ration in the main stacking bowls from a WILDO Camp-A-Box Complete set [© BM]

[images © Mike Gormley or Bob Morrison]


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