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EVERNEW Ultra-Light Titanium Stacking Set

The complete EVERNEW cookwear set showing the pot, with lid fitted and handles folded, the mug with handles deployed and the drawstring bag [© MG]

Light is good if you have to carry kit for any distance and the light and long-lasting EVERNEW Ultra-Light Titanium range is even better, says Mike Gormley.


EVERNEW Titanium cookware is likely to be well-named, so long as you don’t back over it with your truck! There is a range of items, but I have been trying out the Ultra-Light Titanium Stacking Set comprising of a 750ml lidded pot and and 400ml mug.

Made from Titanium, which we all know is tough and light and far surpasses the more traditional aluminium, these weigh in at 94g for the pot and 50g for the mug. This is partly as these are made from extra thin 0.3mm thick Titanium; about 0.1mm less than other similar items and saving about 20% weight. Every little helps as they say. As you can see from my recent review of the SOTO StormBreaker stove, these work very well for those who have to carry their gear for long distances and long periods where weight is a significant consideration.

EVERNEW Ultra-Light Titanium Stacking Set operation with the StormBreaker heating up a meal pouch [© MG]

The 400ml pot is large enough to enable you to warm up a ‘heat in the bag’ meal of the type found in most military ration packs. For this it only needs a reasonably small amount of water, perhaps enough for a follow-up brew, so saving valued fuel and time. It is seen here with a Blå Band meal, for sure one of my favourites and a type found in some ration packs which is available commercially in the UK. It will obviously also work to heat up the desired amount of water to rehydrate the freeze-dried meals popular in colder snowy climates where water is plentiful.

A standard cooking gas canister can be carried inside the pot [© MG]

Both the pot and mug are very clearly marked off, sensibly also reading on the inside, so to allow accurately measuring off the required amount of water for any specific dehydrated meal or drink. As we know these need to be correct so to avoid a slushy mush or crunchy bits among your semi-dry meal. (On the subject of the Blå Band freeze dried meals, these are even easier as they are also marked off on the inside of their horizontal packets.)

The EVERNEW Ultra-Light Titanium Stacking Set in its supplied pouch [© MG]

Both the mug and the pot have Silicone sleeved folding handles for ease of use. The pot has a well-fitting lid which can be fitted either way to suit specific needs and this also has a folding handle. The pot fits into the mug and it is worth noting a gas canister fits into the pot so there need be no wasted space.

The EVERNEW cook set in action heating water for a Blå Band freeze dried meal during a day out on Dartmoor last month [© MG]

This whole set up is well thought out. It is even supplied with a drawstring bag to keep it all together and clean. Nice one.

What to look for on the shelves of your outdoor and camping gear store ~ in the UK the best ones usually stock EVERNEW [© MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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