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Leatherman Curl Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Curl with its new style fabric press stud fastener pouch [©MG]

The Curl is the latest belt tool evolution from Leatherman intended to suit most needs of the everyday multi-tool user, writes Mike Gormley.


As a direct ‘cousin’ to the Leatherman Wave+, the Leatherman Curl is a sub- £100 stainless steel multi-tool with arguably all the most-used tool options that many everyday end users will need. It is a larger, possibly a little more robust, unit than the more traditional and original Leatherman Bond which we reviewed recently.

The needlenose pliers of course have endless uses from removing a splinter to undoing a tight knot to gripping nuts and bolts etc. [©MG]

Leatherman now have such a range of belt tools it is perhaps trickier to choose which suits you best, but it does offer you the option to fit the Leatherman model more exactly to your needs. Or, of course, you can have an ‘armoury’ to pick from depending on what you are up to on the day.

Some time ago when I was talking to Tim Leatherman I asked him who his main market was. It divided up to: first-timers, perhaps the aim of this Curl model; up-graders; and those that had lost their original and needed to replace it. The latter being a significant market it seems. So, a note here. When you get one, look after it!

The Curl fully stowed and folded with removable belt clip fitted [©MG]
Personally I would only use the belt clip while actually doing a job as the pouch is far more secure when on the move [©MG]

The Curl is a great bit of kit and I know many out there will use this most days for some job or other. Rope to cut… easy. Pick up a hot pot off the stove… sorted. Undo a frozen boot lace… no problems. The dual-ended screwdriver will handle most everyday jobs that require a screwdriver. Cans and bottles can be opened without issue. The awl will come in handy for all sorts. The list goes on and is limited only by your needs and imagination.

The main blade self-locks and is released by pressing this button ~ it can be opened single-handed [©MG]

With a Leatherman on your belt, or at least close to hand, it is like having a toolbox there, ready to go. There are many occasions when I have very randomly been able to help somebody out, sometimes to their amazement at me having such a device readily to hand. A good way of making new friends.

The scissors, unlike some, are very good indeed and who doesn’t need to trim nails and so on when away for a while ~ they even work for a left hander like me, which not many scissors do [©MG]

The Leatherman Curl features tools that are accessible while it is in its folded or closed configuration, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife and every feature can be opened and operated with one hand, enabling the user to keep the other hand free for situations that require multi-tasking or a free hand.

The wirecutter works very well ~ I remember Tim Leatherman using this feature as a bit of a party piece during a presentation, stamping on the handles to cut very hard wire [©MG]

The Curl is another very useable multi-tool added to this already extensive range; its 15 individual tools include:-

  • Needlenose Pliers: Perfect for holding small objects or using the pliers in tight, narrow spaces.
  • Regular Pliers: Conveniently hold and manipulate items.
  • Wire Cutters: Cut regular-gauge electrical wire with this durable, edge-retaining tool.
  • Hard-wire Cutters: Easily cut through electrical hard wires.
  • 420HC Knife: A knife crafted from 420HC, a high-carbon stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and can be easily maintained.
  • Spring-action Scissors: Use one hand to quickly and easily cut through thin materials.
  • Diamond-coated File: Precisely sharpen hard steel blades.
  • Wood / Metal File: Precisely file and smooth edges on wood and metal surfaces.
  • Awl with Thread Loop: Puncture tough materials to create or enlarge holes and sew with the loop.
  • Large Bit Driver: Easily switch out full-size bits to customize your multi-tool.
  • Medium Screwdriver: Tighten and loosen medium-size flathead screws.
  • Ruler – 8in | 19cm: A precise measuring guide for determining length in inches or centimetres, up to 8 inches or 19 centimetres.
  • Can Opener: Safely and easily open canned goods in wilderness situations.
  • Bottle Opener: A tool that allows the user to pop the top on a favourite beverage.
  • Wire Stripper: Safely strip multiple gauges and types of wire.
The 420HC blade of the Curl is super sharp and, like other Leatherman tool blades, holds its edge very well [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]

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