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Klean Kanteen TK Wide 946ml Insulated Flask

The TK Wide with Twist Cap makes a convenient way of grabbing a 'wet' on the go when on a moving boat [©MG]

The Klean Kanteen TK Wide offers the potential of different tops to accommodate different needs or applications with the same base flask, writes Mike Gormley.


The Klean Kanteen TK Wide 946ml Flask is close to one litre capacity so contents will last a while. During the long days on the ward in the recent hot weather this provided my wife Jean, a nurse, an easy to get to source of cold water. Part-filled with cold water, the TK Wide flask was left open in the fridge at night and then in the morning a handful of ice cubes added. The insulation worked well and retained the inner temperature over a long period; quoted by the maker as 38 hours hot and 135 hours cold.

The TK neck design is good to hold when mobile ~ note my previously reviewed Elliot Brown ‘issue watch’ [©MG]

Ever since these came into our house they have been in use. Jean very quickly acquired the flask with the Twist Cap. This is a very nifty and simple cap which allows the drink tube to pop up with about a one third turn. The tube seals simply by being doubled over within the cap, which also then seals it inside the protective cover. This, importantly, keeps it clean and protected against damage. The screw cap also incorporates a robust, folding carry handle. This allows the flask to be carried and/or hung and also assists opening and closing. Under the cap is a push-fit stainless steel drink tube / straw. This can simply be pulled out and used independently as a straw if you wish. A separate vent allows for air ingress when drinking. All in all, this a well thought out, robust and useable set-up.

The Twist Cap is a neat way to achieve an easy to use and ‘keep clean’ drink tube ~ also no hard sucking as with some of the bite valves ~ note too the substantial folding holding handle [©MG]
The Twist Cap dip tube can be simply removed for cleaning or it can be used as an personal drink straw [©MG]

The second set up we have been looking at is the Chug Cap. With a name like this you kind of expect it to puff out steam when you open it! I have to say it takes a little bit of getting used to, as fitted into the main screw on cap is a smaller threaded ‘pouring’ cap. This is securely attached to the main cap by a substantial rubber strap. This is of a conical shape which on its own forms a seal, which is backed up by an internal screw thread. This requires just two turns, but the cone seal still holds the cap which is then pulled off. Very secure.

The Chug Cap is perfectly leak-proof so no need to stow the insulated flask upright [©MG]
The opened Chug Cap ~ the chug spout allows faster drinking on the move [©MG]

The base container is the same, i.e. the TK Wide with the somewhat inventive internal thread to secure the screw top. This thread allows for easy and complete cleaning – important when away travelling or hiking – but it also provides a secure and leak-proof seal.

Seen here is the quite innovative and easy to clean internal screw thread [©MG]

The ‘Climate Lock’ insulation of the Klean Kanteen flask range is very efficient. These containers are made from food grade stainless steel so are very robust and will last you years of real-life use. Ours have certainly got off to a good start in this respect being rolled about on boats and in vehicles as well as thumped around in and on rucksacks. All parts of these are dishwasher-safe for that occasional deep clean.

I have also been using the TK Twist Cap when out kayaking as a ready way to grab a cool drink on the move [©MG]

These come in a variety of colours; ours are easy to find yellow and more tactical black. Jean and I really like these and since we have had them they have been in more of less daily use, even around home to keep a cool drink easily to hand.

The TK Wide flask fits well into my Land Rover Discovery door drinks bottle stowage – again note the fixed grab handle [©MG]


Editor’s Comment: Based on Mike’s advice, I bought my daughter a 473mm Klean Kanteen TK Wide Purple Potion flask with Café Cap as a birthday present during COVID Lockdown (using UK distributors Whitby & Co’s efficient online shop) as her exercise regime and working schedule see her undertaking a brisk two-hour countryside trek most days. Her TK Wide flask has allowed her to take either warm soup for a mid-point lunch with her on cold days or a chilled drink on hot days. She tells me it one of the best presents I’ve ever given her… and being a Dad, I’ve naturally bought her a lot of presents over the years – as that’s what we Dads are for.

The smaller 473ml Klean Kanteen Wide Purple Potion insulated flask with the alternative Café Cap ~ most of the range is available in four different capacities with alternative cap types also available separately
[© Dan Copsey]

[images © Mike Gormley unless noted]

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