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LIFESYSTEMS Water Purification Tablets

LIFESYSTEMS Water Purification Tablets are supplied individually packed in strips of six to keep them dry and ready for use [© Mike Gormley]
These LIFESYSTEMS water purification tablets can be used for treating drinking water or to disinfect water for washing fruit and vegetables in the field, writes Mike Gormley.


Pure clean water is of course a necessity. Getting ill as a result of drinking dodgy water when away is not a good thing and making sure that your water is safe to drink is essential if you are drawing it from an uncontrolled source such as a stream or open pool.

For items such as these I have to say my technical / medical knowledge is severely limited as to the chemical effectiveness of the product but as it is from a trusted source, LIFESYSTEMS, and is a real necessity it is a subject I think well worth highlighting in this section because at some point most of us will need to purify water. To emphasise this, military personnel or those reading our Rations section will be well aware that water purification tablets are issued as standard in many, if not most, ration packs.

The pack illustrated here is able to treat up to 30 litres of pre-cleaned, filtered, water to significantly reduce the risks of infection from bacteria, viruses and cysts – even including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Each individually sealed Chlorine Dioxide tablet (Chlorine tablets are also available from LIFESYSTEMS) is able to purify one litre of water, unless very cold or heavily contaminated when double the dose is required. Water is ready to drink in 10 or 30 minutes dependent on the dose used.

At my suggestion Ben Cook, who is planning to trek down Africa, will be taking these on his expedition for the no doubt frequent times he will be away from known clean water.


Editor’s Tip: A strip of Chlorine Dioxide tablets takes up next to no room in a Survival Tin.

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