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Leatherman Charge Plus Orange G10

The Charge Plus G10 with latest design pouch and additional, and very handy, tool set [©MG]
The Charge Plus G10, seen here in orange, is the newest edition to the Leatherman Charge family of high functionality compact multi-tools, writes Mike Gormley.


Its all well and good being ‘tactical’ with your choice of colour for kit but at times this can be a bit counterproductive. Drop your tactical black Leatherman in the dark or into the undergrowth and it may prove to be a bit tricky to find, especially if you are not able to use white light at the time. An orange coloured handle on your trusted multi-tool can therefore have serious advantages.

General view of the Charge Plus Orange G10 with all tools open [©MG]

The Charge G10 is a very serious Leatherman with a selection of no less than 19 tools in its inventory. Immediately noticeable is the handle. Not only orange – other colours are available – but the design of its G10 high pressure fibreglass laminate is such as to make it comfortable and safe to hold, wet or dry. At the business end of the Charge are the customary multifunctional pliers with replaceable blade wirecutters. When closed up you have a choice of tools. The main blade is crafted from S30V, designed to retain its razor-like edge and point on its corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The second main blade is serrated and also has a cutting hook, which I always find very handy and often safer than using a blade for some tasks. Then you have the very effective saw blade and the fourth blade is a double-sided wood/metal file. All of these blades lock out for safety in use.

The needle nose pliers have very sturdy replaceable wirecutters [©MG]

Once opened up, the Charge Plus offers a very useful selection of tools to suit many end users. Dual-ended interchangeable screwdriver with a medium flat and Philips blades. Then the tin and bottle opener. These both lock out into position and require to be unlocked to close. In the other handle we have a large flat screwdriver and then a very handy interchangeable very small screwdriver with both flat and Philips blades. These can be used for delicate jobs such as battery/strap changes on a watch and so on. The third item here is the fold-out scissors, which are remarkably good and great for nail trimming and so on. Essential when away from home. These have a semi lock-out so do not have to be released to close but are secure when open. The inner edges of the handles open out to give a handy ruler with both metric and imperial markings. As well as the range of fitted tools, the Charge Plus comes with a mini tool set that fit into the screwdriver slot.

Out of the extended range of Leatherman multi-tools the Charge Plus is no doubt one of the most universal and will, I am sure, suit and be useful to the majority of users on a daily basis.

[images © Mike Gormley]

The Charge Plus G10 with latest design pouch and additional, and very handy, tool set [©MG]
One side of the Charge has scissors, screwdrivers, saw, serrated blade with hook cutter [©MG]
The other side of the G10 has bottle and tin opener, primary blade, file, interchangeable tool holder [©MG]
The Charge Plus has both removable lanyard loop and pocket clip [©MG]

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