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Seasonal Greetings & Keep Warm With Snugpak

My son Angus wearing his Snugpak SJ12 on a cold Dartmoor day [©MG]

Firstly may I wish all those who have read Gormley’s Gear, both now on Joint-Forces and for the many years before on C&S, the best of Seasonal Greetings, writes Mike Gormley.

If you are heading out over the winter months and need to stay warm perhaps take a look at the Snugpak SJ Range of jackets. Depending on your requirements these range from the SJ3, which is good for chill temperatures around 0C and just below, up through the SJ6 and SJ9 to SJ12 which goes down to the more serious minus 20C.

Other son Bruce at lower level in SJ9 with hood down – the famed Black Rock cottage in the background on the edge of Rannoch Moor at the top of Glen Coe [©MG]

These jackets all use Snugpak’s own Softie insulation which, from my experience over a good number of years, works well. If you get caught out in a shower this filling material is not as critical as for down filling and these jackets will put up with a good shower anyway. Even better is that the range are made here in UK at Snugpak’s own factory in Yorkshire. Shown here mostly are versions of these in highly visible red but there are a range of colours, including military camouflage, so they are suitable for all walks of life – both work and leisure.

Up on Aonach Mòr on a memorable snowy day with my family I was wearing a Snugpak ML6 Smock and carrying a Snugpak Rocket Pack – well suited for the kit we required along with my camera gear [©JG]

As well as the SJ range of jackets Snugpak have a range of smocks that also use the Softie insulation in various ‘strengths’ according to the level of insulation. Once again I, and others I known, have used these garments in their various evolutions over the years and they have proved to be highly practical, comfortable items of gear. They will also protect you from a considerable shower if the need arises. They can’t be defined as waterproof but in my experience they do very well in the rain.

I know if we get a chance to get out in the snow this winter one of the SJ range, and most likely a Smock, will be there as well. Have a good one!

Note: If you wish to compare before you buy, all retail outlets currently listed on our Garrison Town Shops page stock Snugpak products.

{ images © Mike or Jean Gormley unless noted }

Bruce on Aonach Mòr on a testing winter day – note the Snugpak RocketPak, a mini Bergen which I really like as a serious daysack or for overnight trips with a smaller load [©MG]

Bruce wearing the SJ9 – the hood is a good one and can be worn over a climbing helmet – this photo was used by Snugpak on their website [©MG]

The hood of the SJ12 is also very good and cosy and well suited to those very cold conditions

The SJ12 has a longer back and scoop tail for added protection in more extreme conditions

The SJ range is also available in military camouflage schemes – this is the Editor’s SJ6 in A-TACTS AU camo, worn by Victoria on The Cobb at Lyme Regis on a chilly and blowy day [© Bob Morrison]

Just in case you are out on a warmer day but where it may rain, Snugpak’s Torrent jacket may suit the job – I am wearing it here on a Cornish coast walk with rain not far away [©JG]

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