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THERMO Insulated Flask ~ from Laken

The THERMO insulated flask is something hot off the press from New Heights and a further addition to their ever-expanding range, writes Mike Gormley.


A good thing with the potential immediacy of J-F.com online over the printed magazine we all used to write for is we can now be much more current with new products. There are a lot of insulated drink containers out there these days and, with the ever-strengthening interest in avoiding single use drink containers or water bottles and so on, this type of product is now more in demand for daily life as well as more hardcore use… and rightly so.

The Laken THERMO (THERM☼)is for both cold and hot drinks or soups. With this flask you can carry 750ml of hot water with you for your food rehydration later, so with thought this is a very handy item to have. I have been using it to keep a hot brew handy while working outdoors when I needed one and it has worked fine for me keeping things warm for a long time. At this time of year, as spring turns to summer, it is also well able to keep your water or soft drink nice and cool over a very extended period.

This is a flask and not a ‘drink through’ so perhaps as a drinking container whilst mobile is a bit more limited but it does fit a standard drinks holder and, probably more importantly, a rucksack side pocket. The screw cap has a strong loop so it can have a lanyard attached for added security against loss; please, not to be dangled off the back of a rucksack as seems popular in lower end outdoor TV programmes.

The Laken THERMO fits a standard drinks holder and is of a good size for general use [© Mike Gormley]

Interestingly it is made in Spain, not in the Far East as often seems to be the norm for this type of product. The company has been in business since 1912 so clearly has had time to build a load of experience in food containers and of late has evolved considerably. As I see it the quality is very good and for J-F.com readers this one is produced in matt black so you don’t have to get that gaffer tape out!

More to come on this range I am sure, as other colours and sizes are available. The Laken THERMO Insulated Flask is distributed in the UK through newheights.co.uk

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