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Technamm FenneC 2 Unveiled at SOFINS 2023

Technamm FenneC 2 during the SOFINS 2023 build-up [© Bob Morrison]

French conversion specialists Technamm unveiled the FenneC 2 lightweight 4×4 patrol vehicle at the SOFINS 2023 expo near Bordeaux, reports Bob Morrison.


The latest evolution of the original Technamm FenneC, first seen at SOFINS 2019, the FenneC 2 is a conversion on the Suzuki Jimny part-time 4×4 leisure utility vehicle conceived primarily for Special Operations and Airborne Forces. Offering a claimed payload in excess of 1000kg this three-seat vehicle has a pulpit weapons mount for a heavy machine gun and anti-armour weapon on the rollcage and a pintle weapon for light machine gun or squad automatic weapon next to the commander’s seat.

Technamm FenneC 2 with weapons fitted during SOFINS 2023 ~ in the latest version the third seat is moved slightly forwards and a pulpit / ring mount for weapons is fitted [© Bob Morrison]

According to company sales literature circulating at SOFINS 2023 the latest version of the FenneC (named after a type of nocturnal small desert fox) measures 3,695 x 1,600 x 1,670mm high on a 2,250mm wheelbase (though these dimensions might refer to the original). It is powered by a diesel engine developing 105hp and has a 60-litre fuel capacity. According to the online specification sheet available at time of writing, which shows the original 2019 version, the engine is a Euro-3 four-cylinder in-line Renault 1,500cc (1.5dci) model; a company representative told us at SOFINS 2023 that they believe the latest version uses the same engine.

Original FenneC being displayed off-road at Eurosatory 2022 [© Bob Morrison]

From the original FenneC specification, which was dimensionally identical, the kerb weight was given as being 1,060kg with a GVV (PTAC or Poids Total Autorisé en Charge in French) of 1650kg leaving an available payload of just under 600kg; if FenneC 2 now offers in excess of 1,000kg it must be presumed that the suspension has been further upgraded and therefore total weight increased to over 2,000kg. The original had 190mm ground clearance, a rear differential lock and disc brakes at the front with drum brakes at the rear, and ran on BG Goodrich 215/75 R15 All-Terrain tyres whereas the latest version was shod with BG Goodrich Mud-Terrain tyres. At SOFINS 2023 the new vehicle was equipped with an individual heating / cooling system for Driver and Commander (with a central third spigot possibly supplying the Gunner).

As far as we can determine, the original FenneC did not enter military service and existed only in prototype / trials form. While the new vehicle might still look a little like a toy, as it is considerably lighter than the Technamm-Jankel FOX used by French Special Forces its low weight does potentially offer a conventional three-seat patrol vehicle with support weapons capable of being underslung by a wider range of helicopters.

[images © Bob Morrison]


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