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Finnish Marine on NATO Exercise NORDIC RESPONSE [© NATO Multimedia]

NATO’s Marines hit the shores of Arctic Norway for exercise NORDIC RESPONSE 2024, which is part of STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024.


Allied Marines have landed in Norway for exercise NORDIC RESPONSE 2024, which is part of STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024, NATO’s largest military drills in decades.

In the fjords near Alta, one of Norway’s northernmost cities, Finnish Marines with the Nyland Brigade came ashore via Swedish Navy CB-90 assault boats. They then skied through steep hills and dense forests, proving their ability to conduct amphibious operations regardless of climate or terrain. Marines from Italy and France also participated in the landings.

North of Alta, US Marines with the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Marine Regiment (1/2) moved deeper into the austere landscape, using tracked vehicles and snowmobiles to quickly move through the deep snow. These US Marines spent a month preparing for the challenging weather at the training grounds near Setermoen, where Norwegian soldiers have helped US Marines prepare for Arctic combat for more than five years.

Exercise NORDIC RESPONSE 2024 gathers 20,000 troops from 13 NATO Allies in northern Norway to train together in the harsh Arctic environment. It is part of STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024, NATO’s biggest exercise in decades.

NORDIC RESPONSE 2024 [© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia B-roll footage, filmed last week, includes shots of Finnish Marines conducting amphibious landings and moving on skis, as well as US Marines manning defensive positions and moving through the snow. Footage also includes interviews with US Marine officers.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Swedish Navy CB-90 fast assault boats moving through fjord and landing Finnish Marines on rocky shore
  • 00:35 ~ CB-90s approaching shore
  • 00:43 ~ Finnish Marines disembarking CB-90
  • 00:46 ~ Finnish Marine putting on skis
  • 00:50 ~ Finnish Marines conducting ski patrol
  • 01:07 ~ Finnish Marine skiing with fjords in background
  • 01:13 ~ Bv-206 Viking tracked personnel carriers moving through snow near Alta
  • 01:28 ~ US Marines carrying skis
  • 01:23 ~ US Marines standing guard
  • 01:52 ~ US Marines taking cover following simulated artillery attack
  • 02:08 ~ US Marines breaking down guard posts to change position
  • 02:19 ~ US Marines moving out on snow mobiles
  • 02:45 ~ Soundbite – US Marine Corps 2nd Lt Tim Covert, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment
  • 03:01 ~ Soundbite– US Marine Corps 2nd Lt Tim Covert
  • 03:26 ~ Soundbite – US Marine Corps Lt Col Ted Driscoll, Commander, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment


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