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STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 (STDE24) which is NATO’s biggest exercise in decades, involving around 90,000 forces, is now underway.


NATO’s largest exercise in decades is underway. STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 (STDE24) involves around 90,000 forces from 31 Allies and NATO partner Sweden.

The exercise, which is conducted across various NATO nations, is based on NATO’s new defence plans and demonstrates the Alliance’s ability to rapidly deploy forces from North America and other parts of the Alliance, to reinforce the defence of Europe. It also gives a clear demonstration of NATO’s transatlantic unity, strength and determination to do all that is necessary to protect each other and our common values.

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Taking part in STDE24 are:-

  • more than 50 naval assets including aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes and destroyers.
  • more than 80 air platforms including F35s, FA18s, Harriers, F15s, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • and more than 1,100 combat vehicles including 166 tanks, 533 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and 417 armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

STDE24 is a series of national and multinational large-scale exercises that takes place from 24 January 2024 until the end of May.

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