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ADAPTIVE HUSSARS ~ Joint NATO Military Exercise in Hungary

ADAPTIVE HUSSARS 2023 [© Hungarian Ministry of Defence]

The Hungarian Defence Forces are holding a joint NATO multinational domestic military exercise, ADAPTIVE HUSSARS 2023, in November.


Press Release, Budapest, 03 November 2023: In November 2023, under the name ADAPTIVE HUSSARS 2023, the Hungarian Defence Forces are going to hold a multinational domestic military exercise with the participation of NATO forces in order to test the defence capabilities of the country. “In the coming weeks, the Hungarian Defence Forces will be carrying out military operations on several spots around the country, with the objective of strengthening cooperation between the HDF and the civilian public administration”, announced Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky.

The minister pointed out that “we live in an era of dangers, when Europe is stricken with war, illegal migration and, alongside it, the threat of terrorism. To the government of Hungary, the most important things are to preserve peace and guarantee the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people. This can be achieved with the well-trained Hungarian Defence Forces, and for this reason, together with General Dr. Gábor Böröndi, Chief of HDF General Staff, we have ordered a military exercise under the name ADAPTIVE HUSSARS 2023 that will be more comprehensive than the earlier ones.”

The population must be advised that in the framework of this multinational exercise, increased military traffic will be moving on major and minor roads at several places in Hungary between 2 and 26 November. The Hungarian Defence Forces request all motor vehicle drivers to exercise due caution while approaching the military vehicles, because their size and speed, as well as the length of the convoys and their mode of travel differ from those usual in everyday public road traffic. No civilian cars are allowed to enter the closed march column, and therefore a number of escort vehicles will be used to ensure safe travel.

We request those travelling on the above-mentioned route to take into consideration current road conditions as well as weather and visibility conditions while driving in the proximity of military march columns in all cases. The Ministry of Defence will be informing the population about the process of the military exercise. We kindly request and appreciate the population’s understanding and patience for possible traffic-related and other inconveniences caused by the military exercise.

Source: Hungarian Ministry of Defence


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