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Exercise RAPID TRIDENT 2023 in Moldova

[© NATO Multimedia]

Soldiers from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the United States trained in Moldova during Exercise RAPID TRIDENT 2023.


NATO Allies Romania and the United States strengthened their relations with the Republic of Moldova – a NATO partner – through exercise RAPID TRIDENT 2023, recently held in Moldova.

Troops from the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, currently deployed to Romania, and the Romanian Army trained in land navigation, small unit tactics and combat casualty care, alongside more than 200 soldiers from the Moldovan Army. As they worked through training drills, the soldiers became acquainted with each other’s standard operating procedures, improving their ability to work effectively together in a crisis situation.

Bordering Romania and Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1994, the country joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace programme. The Partnership for Peace is a programme of practical bilateral cooperation between individual Euro-Atlantic partner countries and NATO. It allows partners to build up an individual relationship with NATO, choosing their own priorities for cooperation. While constitutionally neutral, Moldova has sought to draw closer to Euro-Atlantic institutions in recent years. Following Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in 2022 – which was carried out against the backdrop of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 – NATO Allies pledged to help build Moldovan institutions and increase their resilience against malign outside interference, in light of the deteriorating security environment.

[© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed 18 September and released 25 September, includes shots of Moldovan and US Army soldiers navigating through the woods, hiding in positions, as well as US Army soldiers launching an unmanned aerial vehicle. Footage also includes interviews with Major Vitalie Creciun, Moldovan Armed Forces, and Captain Vince Bartram, US Army.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Aerial shots of the training area in the Republic of Moldova
  • 00:23 ~ Moldovan conscripts in positions out on the field
  • 00:28 ~ US army soldiers applying camouflage make-up
  • 00:38 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers lining up for the exercise
  • 00:52 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers taking their places in transport vehicles
  • 00:55 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers jump out of a transport vehicle
  • 01:00 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers hiding and navigating through the woods
  • 01:53 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers walking through a tunnel
  • 01:59 ~ Moldovan and US Army soldiers hiding and navigating through the woods
  • 02:17 ~ US Army soldiers preparing and launching an unmanned aerial vehicle
  • 02:34 ~ Soundbite – Major Vitalie Creciun, Battalion Commander, 21st Infantry, 2nd Brigade, Moldovan Armed Forces
  • 02:49 ~ Soundbite – Major Vitalie Creciun
  • 03:22 ~ Soundbite – Captain Vince Bartram, Company Commander, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 327 Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, US Army
  • 03:47 ~ Soundbite – Captain Vince Bartram
  • 04:02 ~ Soundbite – Captain Vince Bartram,
  • 04:27 ~ Soundbite – Captain Vince Bartram


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