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NEPTUNE STRIKE 2023-2 in the Mediterranean

NEPTUNE STRIKE 2023-2 [© NATO Multimedia]

The USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) is sailing under NATO command for the NEPTUNE STRIKE 2023-2 deployment in the Mediterranean Sea.


The US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, and the largest warship in the world, is sailing under NATO’s command as part of the NEPTUNE STRIKE 2023-2 deployment.

The USS Gerald R. Ford, the first in a new class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, arrived in European waters last May for its first operational deployment. From 10 to 14 July, the carrier is deployed in the Mediterranean Sea as part of NEPTUNE STRIKE and placed under the command of Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO). The deployment provides the carrier the opportunity to operate with other Allied ships.

[© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed 07 July, includes shots of the USS Gerald R. Ford launching and recovering aircraft, and conducting resupply operations with helicopters.


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