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KEVADTORM 2023 Combat Day 4 In Estonia

May the Presence be with you ~ a NATO eFP BG EST British Challenger 2 on KEVADTORM / SPRING STORM 2023 in Estonia [© Bob Morrison]

On the fourth combat day of Exercise KEVADTORM (SPRING STORM) 2023 in Estonia the Blue Forces counter-attacked against Orange Forces, reports Bob Morrison.


Much, though by no means all, of the day’s action took place on the Central Training Area north of the crucial railway junction town of Tapa and after a force-on-force battle, in which the predominantly British and French NATO eFP battlegroup stonked the enemy, EndEx was called late-afternoon.

French Recce from the NATO eFP BG EST on the Central Training Area [© Bob Morrison]

Today is a replen and re-org day, for both the two multinational brigades involved in KEVADTORM 2023 and the JOINT-FORCES team. After three back-to-back assignments on Sardinia, in Madrid and then out here in Estonia I have to leave this wonderful country and its people to get back to J-F HQ. However Carl is staying on for a few more days to cover the follow-on Live-Fire phase of the exercise.

Estonian K9 Thunder artillery battery preparing to leave the exercise area [© Bob Morrison]

In the meantime we would like to thank our Estonian friends, and all those involved in the largest defensive exercise seen in this country since it joined NATO, for their help and support over the last few days. As I said to Carl as we parted company north-west of Tapa last night… “It’s been emotional!

To be continued


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