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KEVADTORM 2023 Combat Day 3 In Estonia

An elite Eesti Scout during KEVADTORM 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

The third combat day of Exercise KEVADTORM (SPRING STORM) 2023 in Estonia drew to an close with Orange Forces being effectively blocked, reports Bob Morrison.


The action in and around the town of Tapa has been high tempo all day, but as darkness fell it looked like the enemy attack had been blunted. Our priority at the moment is capturing the action going on all around us as two brigade-strength multinational battlegroup go head-to-head, rather than penning feature articles on the exercise, but here’s a few snaps from today to hopefully whet your appetite a little.

British Army Apache AH-64E supporting advancing troops [© Bob Morrison]
US Paras from 1-506 PIR garden-hopping on the edge of Tapa [© Bob Morrison]
Eesti Scouts CV90 awaiting orders to move out [© Bob Morrison]

To be continued

[images © Bob Morrison]


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