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JOINT VIKING ~ NATO Troops Train To Defend Norway

JOINT VIKING 2023 [Crown Copyright]

Exercise JOINT VIKING brought NATO Allies and partners together in the frigid north of Norway for high-tempo, cold weather operations.


Exercise JOINT VIKING, which ran until 16 March 2023, is a military winter exercise held in Norway every two years. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the defence of Norway and of NATO’s northern flank. It involves air, land and maritime assets from NATO Allies and partners.

Exercise JOINT VIKING provides opportunities to enhance the readiness of deployed units and their ability to work effectively together, in arduous winter conditions and across different operational domains. As part of the exercise, Dutch Marines docked at the port of Malangen in the north-western part of Norway. Troops from Norway and the United Kingdom took on the role of the defending forces while Dutch and German troops acted as aggressors.

JOINT VIKING 2023 [UK Crown Copyright

This footage, filmed 8th March and released by NATO on 17th March, includes various shots of Dutch Marines performing an amphibious landing and troops from Norway and the United Kingdom conducting defensive operations.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Dutch Marines along with equipment disembark from landing craft at Malangen in the north west of Norway as part of a serial during Exercise JOINT VIKING
  • 00:26 ~ BvS 10 Viking offloading from Dutch landing craft
  • 00:39 ~ UK soldiers taking on role of defensive forces wait in position
  • 00:51 ~ CV90 infantry fighting vehicle drives in the snow during the exercise
  • 00:56 ~ Norwegian Leopard 2 tanks take part in the exercise
  • 01:21 ~ Norwegian and UK troops prepare equipment in snowy terrain
  • 01:38 ~ Norwegian and UK troops move through forest during exercise
  • 02:07 ~ Helicopter lands in snowy terrain during the exercise
  • 02:24 ~ Armoured vehicles drive down snowy road in Norway
  • 02:29 ~ UK troops light fires and ride snowmobiles during cold weather training in Norway


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