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DEF20 ~ Bremerhaven Port Operations

LT Gen Cavoli - Commander US Army Europe - flanked by Lt Gen Schelleis (right) and Brigadier Chestnut [©BM]
Earlier today, less than 24 hours after the first DEF20 US armour was delivered to Bremerhaven Port, we were invited inside for a briefing by the Generals, reports Bob Morrison.


Viewers who have been regularly watching our coverage of the evolving DEF20 (DEFENDER-Europe 20) deployment exercise build-up which will see 20,000 CONUS-based personnel (i.e. troops normally based in the Continental United States) crossing the Atlantic, will be aware that around ten days ago Strategic Sealift Ships carrying vehicles and equipment left Savannah in Georgia bound for Bremerhaven in Germany. The first arrived in port yesterday (20th) and two more are close behind.

On the dockside at Bremerhaven Lieutenant General Christopher Cavoli, Commander US Army Europe, Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, Commander [GE] Joint Support Service Command, and Brigadier Joseph Chestnutt, Commander 104 [UK] Logistic Brigade, delivered short briefings on DEF20 in general and the port and logistic operations at Bremerhaven in particular. Following this we moved along the dock to watch a packet of tracked armour for 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team (2ABCT) of 3rd [US] Infantry Division coming ashore from the Ro-Ro Motor Vessel ARC Endurance.

Once back at base in the UK, after taking a little down time to recover from recent travels associated with DEF20, I plan to pen an article accompanied with more photos and giving more detail on today’s events. But tonight I have a sudden urge to sink some Schwarzbier before heading home. Cheers!

[images © Bob Morrison]

An M2A2 Bradley, minus its cannon, rolls off ARC Endurance [©BM]
M1 Abrams main battle tanks lined up on the dockside for onward transport [©BM]
A wall of ISO containers with critical equipment has already been removed from Endurance for onward line-haul [©BM]

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