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Hadean and 4C Strategies Sign MoU

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Spatial computing company, Hadean, and training readiness and organisational resilience solutions providers, 4C Strategies, have signed an MoU.


Press Release, London, 28 November 2023: Spatial computing company, Hadean, and training readiness and organisational resilience solutions providers, 4C Strategies, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore capability integration opportunities that will aim to transform training and exercising in the public, private and defence sectors.

Under the agreement, Hadean and 4C Strategies, two leading SMEs in their domains will be working together to seamlessly combine AI-powered spatial computing capabilities of the Hadean Platform with the trusted data-driven UI of 4C Strategies’ Exonaut to offer a powerful new solution for scalable and interoperable multi-domain collective training, as well as personalised learning and education.

Exonaut is utilised by NATO and multiple allied forces and partners for training and exercise management. Among its implementations of the software, used in the British Army, enables end-users to rapidly design and run simulations, cross-reference data collated from training sessions to validate observations and present holistic after-action reviews against compliant and non-compliant objectives. With Hadean’s spatial computing and integrations that harness cutting-edge Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM), simulations can be enhanced on the fly to reflect the complexity of the real world and augment decision-making with quality insights. Combining the two is set to create exciting prospects for the future of immersive and impactful LVC training as modern militaries look to exploit new technologies and overhaul how warfighters learn, train and rehearse in preparation for operations around the world.

The collaboration demonstrates the intention of Hadean and 4C Strategies to support a global customer base across defence, national security, commercial industries and government organisations, as trusted agnostic suppliers with validated capabilities that help accelerate the development of next-generation collective training. The two companies will exploit their adaptability and niche talents as disruptive SMEs to meet the challenging requirements of today’s defence programmes rapidly and spearhead change.

Craig Beddis, Chief Executive Officer at Hadean, said: “In joining forces with 4C Strategies, we embark on a transformative journey to fuse cutting-edge spatial computing and GenAI / LLM integrations with data-driven training organisation systems. Together, we are zeroed in on redefining how soldiers across services learn and train together, paving the way for innovation that elevates preparedness, adaptability, and excellence on the modern battlefield.”

4C Strategies Managing Director, Jonas Jonsson, said: “Collaborating with Hadean demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of the evolution of training technologies. Combining data-driven training readiness with world leading GenAI / LLM capabilities we will redefine the transformation of training. Working together we demonstrate the power of SME collaboration through technological innovation and commercial agility ensuring we are able to help prepare soldiers for current and future conflicts.”

The addition of 4C Strategies to Hadean’s ecosystem of defence partners shows the increasing need in defence and enterprise simulations for a spatial computing solution able to integrate existing and novel AI integrations and bring forth a new way for leaders to understand their operating environments.

Hadean and 4C Strategies are exhibiting at I/ITSEC.


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