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GDELS-SBS Reactivates Large Calibre Barrel Manufacturing

Spanish Army Leopard 2E main battle tank with 120mm gun barrel [© Bob Morrison]

GDELS-SBS has reactivated its manufacturing capabilities for large calibre gun barrels as a response to increased demand.


Press Release, Madrid, 11 June 2024: General Dynamics European Land System – Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) has reactivated its manufacturing capabilities of large calibre gun barrels, as a response to the increased demand for modern, efficient artillery. This revival reflects the company’s continued commitment to national as well as international defence and security requirements.

The Trubia factory (Asturias, Spain), with more than 200 years of know-how and tradition in the manufacture of cannons, has recently manufactured a vast range of large-calibre gun barrels, including 120mm, 105mm, and 155mm for main battle tanks and artillery.

“Operational experience from ongoing military confrontation demonstrate the renewed relevance of artillery as well as main battle tanks. GDELS-SBS is one of the few European companies that has preserved the knowledge and capabilities to manufacture gun barrels of the most demanded calibres for both weapon systems,” said Juan A. Escriña, General Director of GDELS-SBS.

In recent years, GDELS-SBS has manufactured more than two hundred 120mm gun barrels for the Leopard 2E main battle tank of the Spanish Army, over one hundred barrels for its SIAC 155/52 howitzer, both field and coastal artillery, as well as dozens of barrels for the 105 Light Gun, models L118 and L119.

GDELS-SBS is the only Spanish company and one of the few in the world with the capacity to manufacture, maintain, and modernise artillery systems according to today´s demanding standards. The company’s long history and continuous innovation, as well as wide knowledge of artillery systems and armoured vehicles, ensure persistent conformance with changing battlefield requirements and constitute a benchmark to successfully satisfy rightful customer expectations in view of quality and operational performance.


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