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HOLOGATE and German Army Conclude VR Study

VIRTUOS VR Study [HOLOGATE press release image]

HOLOGATE and the German Army conclude groundbreaking VR study ~ the VIRTUOS study sets new training standards.


Press Release, Munich, 29 April 2024: In partnership with HOLOGATE, market leader in extended reality, the German Army has successfully completed the three-year ‘VIRTUOS – VIRtual Training of Urban Operations as a Multi-user Scenario’ study.

This project, conducted by the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 91 (WTD91), clearly demonstrates the enormous potential of Extended Reality (XR) in modern military training and highlights its wide range of applications across industries. The culmination of the study was marked by a final event where the results were presented to experts from the military, police, and security sectors.

VIRTUOS VR Study [HOLOGATE press release image]

Innovative XR solutions for multi-user military training: The German Army was looking for a new, modern training approach. A solution that would increase the quality, scope and efficiency of military training, make it more realistic, interactive and flexible, while at the same time reducing overall costs.

HOLOGATE, through its HGXR division, worked with WTD91 to develop a customised extended reality training solution for the German Army using the innovative HOLOFORCE BLACK software. This cutting-edge system combines free-roam XR with high-quality simulations to create realistic training scenarios. Physical interactions, haptic feedback and authentic weapon replicas guarantee an immersive training experience that optimises the training process and sets new standards.

Soldiers from different branches of the German Army regularly tested the system in Meppen on a 200m² space to assess its military efficacy for action training, yielding overwhelmingly positive results. 97% of participating soldiers saw the XR training solution as a real value-add to existing training and would like to integrate the VR trainer into their training program.

Flexible training and realistic scenarios are at the heart of the system, ensuring effective preparation for real-life operations. The HOLOGATE team dedicated over 100,000 developer hours to creating the software to meet the specific requirements of the German Army. The constantly growing library of over 20 different virtual environments enables extensive training at the touch of a button. Thanks to the integrated scenario editor, situations can be individually created, adapted and changed at lightning speed. This means that scenarios can also be trained that would be too dangerous or impossible to simulate in real life. This results in better training and operational preparation, which is also clearly reflected in the study results. 85% of the test subjects confirmed that training in the virtual environment helps them to better understand critical processes.

The After Action Review is another essential component of virtual training and gives the trainer extensive assessment capabilities. These capabilities were rated ‘good’ or ‘very good’ by 84% of the study participants. A representative of the German Army emphasised: “No trainer can monitor every detail, but the After Action Review allows for precise evaluation, enabling focused troubleshooting and tailored training which is not feasible in reality.”

Leif Petersen, HOLOGATE CEO and founder, is delighted with the results of the study and offers an insight into the future: “The successful completion of the test phase confirms the enormous potential of our extended reality solutions for training. Our efforts to continuously develop our systems and increasingly integrate AI-based features in the future mark the beginning of a new era.”

The study’s results signify a real milestone, paving the way for training innovations across industries beyond the military sector.


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