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Rheinmetall Artillery Ammunition For Spanish Army

155mm artillery rounds [© Rheinmetall]

The Spanish government has commissioned Rheinmetall to supply 155mm artillery rounds under an approximately €208 million contract.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 12 March 2024: The Spanish government has commissioned Rheinmetall, the world’s largest manufacturer of artillery ammunition, to supply a total of 94,200 155mm rounds.

The framework agreement concluded for this purpose has a volume of around €208 million. The artillery rounds are to be delivered to the Spanish army between the end of 2024 and the end of 2025, with a two-year extension option. The ammunition now ordered is already being used by the Spanish customer; this is the second framework agreement. The new order emphasises Rheinmetall’s reliability as a partner to the Spanish army for the supply of key products.

The ER02A1 high-explosive (HE) projectiles have a maximum range of 30 kilometres in the boat-tail (BT) variant and almost 40 kilometres in the base-bleed (BB) variant. The latter has a special device at the base of the projectile. This heats the air generated by the projectile itself in its trajectory, thus reducing drag and increasing the maximum range.

The latest contracts in the field of 155mm artillery ammunition underline Rheinmetall’s leading technological position in European ammunition development and production. Framework agreements with various NATO member states secure the supply of artillery ammunition. It was only on 12 February 2024 that the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for a new plant was held in Unterlüß, Lower Saxony, in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The plant will produce explosives and components for rocket artillery as well as artillery ammunition in particular. On 18 February 2024, Rheinmetall and a Ukrainian partner company signed a memorandum of understanding that will also enable the production of artillery ammunition in Ukraine in the future.


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