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Northrop Grumman Edge Processing Software

With combat edge software, critical situational awareness data can be processed at the edge and shared on low size, weight, and power (SWaP) devices - images on screen are not representative of actual software [US Air Force Materiel Command: Tech Sgt Joshua J. Garcia]

Northrop Grumman Corporation has successfully demonstrated edge processing software that gives warfighters a decisive advantage.


Press Release, San Diego, 21 February 2024: Northrop Grumman Corporation successfully demonstrated new software that can receive, display and share critical situational awareness data using handheld devices without a connection to a cloud server. This next-generation technology delivers resilient information to protect our warfighters in support of Joint All-Domain Command and Control.

  • Current systems require data to be relayed to and from a cloud server outside of the battlespace, which leaves units in the field vulnerable if the connection is lost; with combat edge processing software, devices in the field can take over and continue working within seconds to securely distribute critical information needed for mission success.
  • The combat edge software is highly adaptable, providing a decisive advantage in the most complex environments.
  • The software’s modular design is rapidly upgradable, affordable and easily integrates with many current proprietary or commercial hardware solutions.

Kevin Berkowitz, vice president, secure processing and networks, Northrop Grumman: “Edge processing is a paradigm shift away from traditional cloud computing models, and this software solution demonstrates its ability to deliver decision superiority at mission speed. Shifting processing to the battlespace aims to eliminate the single point of failure in legacy processes, enabling the warfighter to make clearer observations, faster decisions and smarter actions.”

Details: In the demonstration, Link-16 data was successfully tracked on low size, weight and power (SWaP) devices without connecting to a cloud server utilising Northrop Grumman’s new software. This demonstration is an important step in laying the foundation for future edge computing technologies, including battlespace artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.


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