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UK MoD Palletised Load System Trucks Contract

RMMV HX 8x8 [© Rheinmetall]

UK MoD Palletised Load System Trucks contract worth £282 million for 500 units awarded to Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles UK.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 06 February 2024: Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles UK (RMMV UK) have been awarded a £282 million contract under Rapid Procurement, to deliver 500 HX 8×8 Palletised Load System (PLS) trucks to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The contract was placed under rapid acquisition within seven months from initial discussions. RMMV UK will deliver this key capability for the British Army within three months of contract award. Currently, 320 vehicles are already undergoing modifications to the UK specification at RMMV UK’s facility in Doncaster, with a further 180 being supplied by 31 March 2024. The PLS trucks will deliver a key capability to the British Army providing support to operational activity, including carrying essential logistics, as such ammunition, food, water and support material, to operational locations.

Rebecca Richards, Managing Director of RMMV UK, said “We are pleased to deliver under the Rapid Acquisition Process, working collaboratively with our customer to contract this key capability and first delivery to the British Army within seven months. The enhanced transport capability that the trucks provide will increase the user’s agility and responsiveness, with significant protection, all within an accelerated time frame.”

Major General Darren Crook, Director or the Land Equipment Operating Centre for Defence, Equipment & Support (DE&S), said “I’m delighted that together with industry that we have been able to turn around this contract from conception, through approvals to contract award and first delivery, in just seven months.”

Since discussions commenced, RMMV UK have been preparing for the programme and building up the fleet at their site in Doncaster, UK, ahead of the delivery to ensure the trucks are delivered within three months of contract award. The multi use trucks will continue to be built at Rheinmetall’s global production facility in Vienna enabling this capability to be delivered at pace to the British Army. They are then converted to the agreed UK specification at the RMMV UK facility in Doncaster.  

HX Capability: The HX truck is NATO logistics backbone, delivering interoperability for user nations. Currently, there are more than 20,000 HX trucks in service across the world in NATO countries including Australia and New Zealand and European customers including Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The additional 500 HX PLS trucks being delivered to the British Army build on this in-service fleet and the existing HX fleet in service in the UK.

Library image of the current in-service British Army MAN SV Palletised Load System truck [© Carl Schulze]

The RMMV HX PLS truck is an advancement of the original fleet built for the UK, currently in service with the British Army, offering an increase in capability. The next generation HX truck sees improvements in the protection of the vehicle with a fully integrated armoured cab, improved carrying capacity, improved drive train and updated electronic architecture.

The HX PLS truck can load and unload up to 16.5 tonnes of equipment without the need for the operator to leave the cabin. The HX provides a quicker, easier and safer method for getting stores around the battlefield and offers improved interoperability with other NATO nations.


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