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AVRT v3 First Appearance

Adaptive Virtual Reality Training AVRT v3 in use at Larkhill [© AVRT]

The Adaptive Virtual Reality Training (AVRT) system for military training v3 has made its first appearance anywhere in the world at Larkhill.


Press Release, Basildon, 26 January 2024: On Tuesday the 23rd of Jan 2024, the Adaptive Virtual Reality Training (AVRT) system for Military training v3 made its first UK appearance anywhere in the world at Larkhill with the British Army and supported by the UK’s Export Support Team (EST). Attendees at the demo sessions included representatives from across the UK MoD, overseas Armed Forces, UK Emergency Services, Further Education and Industry.

A team of four soldiers using AVRT v3 in a simulated urban setting [© AVRT]

This deployment of the brand new version of the system for simulated dismounted combat training included one of the largest free-roam VR training environments the UK has ever seen, at 400 square metres, as well as the capability for up to 12 soldiers to train together in the same virtual environment. Soldiers are able to move freely and naturally around the training space, using real-world weapons that are familiar to them and provide active feedback.

The AVRT system allows military instructors to create varied training scenarios using the building blocks that the system provides such as detailed 3D environments, highly configurable scenario actors and variations such as lighting, location and terrain. Digital enemies are either AI-driven or fully instructor-controllable to deliver scenarios to existing curricula or frameworks. Soldier vs Soldier (PvP) within this system adds yet another element of capability.

Individual soldier AVRT set [© AVRT]

Andy Higgs from AVRT said:“The AVRT training system is an incredible tool for the trainer’s toolkit. This setup at Larkhill has demonstrated that simulated dismounted training is a truly realistic option for our armed forces and can be easily deployed to provide scalable, de-risked, cost-effective and purposeful training for soldiers.”

A 400sqm Virtual Reality training system set up in a military gymnasium [© AVRT]

The AVRT system is commercially available now and is in use by the Singapore Army, having purchased the system in summer 2023.


An earlier version of AVRT in use at IT²EC 2022 [© Bob Morrison]


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