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Mahindra ALAKRAN VMIMS Showcased in New Delhi

Mahindra ALAKRAN VMIMS (furthest from camera) at India's 75th Republic Day parade [Milanion NTGS press release image]

Mahindra ALAKRAN VMIMS showcased in New Delhi at prestigious Republic Day 2024 celebrations ~ a ‘Made in India’ success story.


Press Release, London, 26 January 2024: The Indian Army showcased the latest addition to its arsenal, locally developed under the ‘Made in India’ initiative by Mahindra and Milanion NTGS, the ALAKRAN Vehicle Mounted Infantry Mortar System (VMIMS), at the Nation’s 75th Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

Following a collaboration between Milanion NTGS and India’s Mahindra Defence, the latter has been awarded an initial contract to supply the Indian Army with an undisclosed number of units of the 81mm ALAKRAN VMIMS, integrated onto Mahindra’s Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV). The contract award to Mahindra followed a previously inked teaming agreement between the two organisations, to explore strategic opportunities under the ‘Made in India’ initiative to manufacture, supply and fulfil the need for the VMIMS.

Delivery of the integrated systems will be made by the last quarter of 2024, considerably increasing the mobility and indirect fire capability of the vehicles to support mechanised battalions of the Indian Army.

Library image of ALAKRAN on Toyota Land Cruiser at FEINDEF 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

ALAKRAN VMIMS is an effective, combat-proven system providing superior mobility, accuracy, speed, and high firepower on the battlefield. It is the world’s lightest, fully digital, automated mortar system, designed from the ground up for shoot and scoot combat operations.

A primary feature is its ability to precisely fire eight rounds in less than two minutes from park to depart, in and out, before enemy counter-battery fire can take effect. With automatic aiming and re-aiming functions, ALAKRAN VMIMS provides 81/120 mm mortar capabilities while transmitting all recoil force to the ground, solving the operational problems faced by standard mortar carriers.

The system is user-friendly and can easily be integrated onto almost any 4×4 vehicle with a minimum 2-ton payload, adapts to all types of terrain including deserts, mud, snow, and forests, and is heliborne-capable due to its lightweight design. It’s robust design and resilient technologies make it a durable weapon that has been proven to withstand the rigours of combat and remain effective.

Milanion NTGS CEO, Julio Estrella said “We are honoured the Indian Army is showcasing ALAKRAN VMIMS at such a prestigious celebration for the country and look forward to further expanding on our long-term commitment to the Indian Defence sector through the ‘Made in India’ initiative.”


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