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F-16 Block 70 Fighter Jets for Bulgaria

Library image of Greenville F-16 production [© Lockheed Martin]

Bulgarian dignitaries visited Lockheed Martin’s facility in Greenville to view progress in the production of Bulgaria’s F-16 Block 70 fleet.


Press Release, Greenville SC, 16 January 2024: Bulgarian Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev, Bulgarian Ambassador Georgi Panayotov, and Bulgarian Defence Chief Adm. Emil Eftimov visited Lockheed Martin’s F-16 production facility in Greenville last week to view progress in the production of Bulgaria’s future F-16 Block 70 fleet.

Currently, seven Bulgarian F-16s are in various stages of production and the inaugural flight of the first Bulgarian F-16 Block 70 is planned for later this year.

OJ Sanchez, vice president and general manager of the Integrated Fighter Group at Lockheed Martin, said: “Bulgaria is acquiring a proven, state-of-the-art fighter aircraft system that will deliver decades of 21st Century Security capabilities and NATO interoperability. We are proud that the most advanced F-16 ever produced will aid in Bulgaria’s national security.”

Bulgaria will be the second European country to receive the F-16 Block 70. With a current backlog of 135 jets, the F-16 production line in Greenville serves as a cornerstone of security for allies around the world.

About the F-16: The F-16 is a strategic and valuable choice for many customers around the world seeking advanced fighter aircraft capabilities, regional and worldwide partnerships, and affordable lifecycle costs. More than 3,100 F-16s are operating today in 25 countries. The F-16 has flown an estimated 19.5 million flight hours and at least 13 million sorties. Today’s latest version, the Block 70/72, offers unparalleled capabilities and will be flown by six countries and counting.


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