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Hanwha Arion SMET UGV Completes US FCT

Arion SMET UGV during US FCT [© Hanwha]

Hanwha’s Arion SMET UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) successfully completes FCT (Foreign Comparative Test) with US Military.


Press Release, Seoul, 04 January 2024: Hanwha’s multipurpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), the Arion SMET, has completed a week long field test conducted by the US Marine Corps and US Army. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the robotic vehicle, positioning it as a potential contender in the global UGV market.

The field tests were carried out as part of the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) run by the US Marine Corps Systems Command. Representatives from III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) and Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM), Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) also joined the testing held in Marine Corps Training Area Bellows (MCTAB), located on the eastern edge of Oahu, Hawaii, from 14-22 December 2023.

Arion SMET UGV during US FCT [© Hanwha]

This marks the first instance of a South Korean UGV participating in the US Department of Defense FCT, a programme designed to assess, evaluate, and verify cutting edge technologies developed by defence contractors from the US allies, aimed at enhancing the defence capabilities of the US military.

Prior to the actual FCT, a group of Marines had three days of user training sessions to operate the 2 ton electric robotic vehicle on challenging terrains, such as turf covered packed sand beach course, soft sand, sand clay, bumpy and rutted roads. The tests were focused on evaluating the vehicle’s various mission capabilities, including heavy equipment transport, remote-controlled driving, waypoint navigation, exploratory manoeuvring, soldier following, and physical tether following.

Youngwoo Seo, Executive Vice President of Hanwha Aerospace’s Land Systems Business Group, expressed his confidence in the Arion-SMET’s advanced hardware and software, emphasising the global attention the UGV is receiving. “Arion-SMET’s participation in the US FCT programme as evidence of its potential success, positioning it as a strong contender in the UGV markets of the US and other countries in the future,” said Dr. Seo.

Arion SMET UGV during US FCT [© Hanwha]

Meanwhile, Hanwha Defense USA (HDUSA), an American defence business affiliate of Hanwha Aerospace, is planning to compete for the second increment of the US Army’s Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (S-MET) programme, dubbed the S-MET Increment II. John Kelly, President and CEO of HDUSA, said, “HDUSA is interested in the SMET Increment II and is preparing a partnership with US prime contractors and suppliers to compete for the unmanned ground vehicle contest.”

The Arion-SMET, an acronym for Autonomous and Robotic Systems for Intelligence Off-road Navigation – SMET, is one of the most advanced UGVs for the perspective of fully integrating HAEMOS (Hanwha Aerospace’s solutions for robotic and autonomous systems) with 6×6 fully electric unmanned vehicle for supporting infantry operations, including ammunition transport, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, and close combat support.

Arion SMET UGV during US FCT [© Hanwha]

With a maximum payload capacity of 550kg (1200 lb), the UGV can cover up to 100km (62 mi) on a full charge, boasting a top speed of 43km/h (26.7 mi/h) on paved roads, and 22km/h (13.6 mi/h) on unpaved roads. In addition, the Arion-SMET can be additionally equipped with an advanced Remote-Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) that can automatically track and aim at targets through gunshot source localisation, featuring a 5.56mm RCWS extendable to 7.62mm machine gun.

The Arion-SMET can be operated in various modes including remote-controlled driving, autonomous off-road driving, exploratory manoeuvring, physical tether following, and leading soldier and vehicle-following.

Arion SMET UGV variants [© Hanwha]


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