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Arquus Showcases Vehicle Range at EDEX 2023

SHERPA assembly line, Arquus Limoges Centre of Excellence [© Arquus]

The 3rd edition of the EDEX exhibition is an opportunity for Arquus to showcase its vehicle range and reaffirm its industrial cooperation capabilities.


Press Release, Guyancourt, 05 December 2023: Since its creation, Arquus has set the ambition to become a key and sustainable player in the design, production, and maintenance of tactical armoured systems and vehicles. Present for the 3rd edition of the EDEX exhibition, which takes place from December 4 to 7, 2023, it is an opportunity for Arquus to showcase its widely tested vehicle range and to reaffirm its industrial cooperation capabilities, particularly in key geographical areas like Africa and the Middle East.

One of Arquus’s major strengths is its ability to constantly adapt and respond to its clients’ challenges: adapting to specific terrains and battlefield requirements, integrating innovative technological systems, and respecting potential client constraints. With over 130 years of experience serving armed forces, Arquus can offer expertise and long-term support to its clients thanks to its industrial know-how, a bold innovation policy, and a true partnership approach. These factors guarantee operational advantages to the armies and cover all needs in high-intensity conflicts.

CAESAR assembly line, Arquus Limoges Centre of Excellence [© Arquus]

Building Strong Relationships with Key Market Players: Arquus develops strong bilateral relationships with its partners to offer complete vehicle manufacturing based on client expectations. In industrial cooperation, Arquus’s added value is to support local teams by providing them with skills and technology transfers to produce and maintain their vehicle fleets.

This type of partnership has already proven successful with iconic vehicles from the Arquus range, such as the SHERPA and the VAB. For example, in Indonesia, Arquus and PT Pindad have combined their technical expertise over the past ten years. Arquus has provided major mobility parts or components, such as powertrain groups or rolling chassis, for the local manufacturing of a 4×4 armoured vehicle.

Paint booth – VAB MK3, Arquus Limoges Centre of Excellence [© Arquus]

The VAB – A Vehicle Ready for Any Challenge: The VAB is an iconic vehicle in the Arquus range and has been extensively tested in operation theatres worldwide. For over 40 years, the VAB has proven its ability to perform various missions, from troop transport to fire support, complemented by the latest generation systems. This versatile vehicle offers top-level performance in terms of mobility, protection, and carrying capacity.

The VAB is a prime example of industrial cooperation. Arquus has already collaborated with a Middle Eastern country to modernise an entire fleet of this vehicle. The deployment of such a project adapts perfectly to geographical requirements and establishes a true customer relationship, including local partners. The VABs in the Middle East have received performance improvements in the powertrain, braking capabilities, and steering components. Local partners also receive support, such as obsolescence management, upgrading spare parts stocks, training, and maintenance.

With all these services, the vehicles maintain unparalleled and enhanced performance, perfectly adapted to various tension situations, considering geographical, financial, or geopolitical challenges. Arquus covers the entire tactical segment of wheeled armoured vehicles, and all its platforms can integrate equipment and mission systems developed internally or by its partners.


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