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Otokar Delivers Ural LATV to Ecuadorian Armed Forces

Delivery of Otokar URAL to Ecuadorian Armed Forces [© Directorate of Social Communication of the Ministry of National Defence]

On the morning of 17 November a ceremony was held for the delivery of 15 Otokar URAL 4×4 light armoured tactical vehicles (LATV) to Ecuador.


Press Release, Quito, 17 November 2023: [auto-translated] On the morning of this Friday, November 17, 2023, at the ‘Mariscal Sucre’ Air Base in the city of Quito, the delivery ceremony of 15 URAL 4×4 tactical vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ecuador was held. The event was attended by the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso; General Luis Lara Jaramillo, Minister of National Defence, the Military High Command and State authorities.

During his speech, the President highlighted the importance of strengthening the technical and operational capabilities of the three branches of the Armed Forces as one of the objectives of his management and highlighted the acquisitions made during his period of government. Later he referred to the work carried out by the Armed Forces: “I want to thank each one of you, brave soldiers of the Homeland, you are a symbol of courage, patriotism, solidarity and dedication; of commitment to the country and Ecuadorian families… I highlight your work with Ecuador in difficult times such as the pandemic and your valuable contingent in our successful vaccination campaign…, the Ecuadorian people do not forget and will not forget their support during emergencies or to restore order; I must highlight his defence of the rule of law and democracy…).

“You are the pride of the country, of your people and of your President.”

In his speech, the Minister of National Defence highlighted that: “an essential aspect of the Armed Forces for the future will be their ability to adapt to changing scenarios with capabilities, equipment for multiple scenarios, cutting-edge technology, immediate response capacity and new doctrines. of employment for combat both in conventional scenarios and in urban areas. The adaptation of land, sea and air soldiers to these new defence circumstances must respond to long-term strategic visions based on national interests, but fundamentally operational planning and the urgent needs of State security. and of the citizens .”

He thanked the support provided to the Armed Forces and the State security institutions and recognised the timely responses and decisions made in the face of threats against the sovereignty, security and integrity of the homeland. “It is necessary to highlight the enormous effort made by the national government to support Defence, which will ensure the peace of Ecuador, the permanence of democracy and the security of the nation. ”

The 15 URAL 4×4 multipurpose armoured vehicles, which are added to the COBRA vehicles previously delivered, will allow the execution of multiple tasks and protection missions carried out in various military operations at the national level.

The URAL 4×4 Light Armoured Tactical Vehicle has a GVW of 6400kg and can transport up to eight troops including driver and commander [© Otokar]


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